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"Using my own life experiences of recovering from pain and trauma, I have created The Ixchel System so that I can help you enjoy the freedom of an energised and happy life!"

How I help you

First, I want to welcome you to Ixchel Therapies and The Ixchel System.  My vocation is is one of devotion to getting you healthy and to relieve or reduce your pain!  

I have over 25 years of skills and a range of qualifications, that allow me to assess and connect with your physical and emotional body. This allows me to guidance to uncover  physical and emotional patterns that are keeping you in illness or pain.  

If you are in pain right now, let’s get you on the right path immediately.

The 3 R’s of healing- Realign, Reprogram, Restore

I help you realign your biomechanics (the way your body moves) with Gait Analysis.  Immediately easing the pressure from tension that wakes you at night or stops you working, exercising or functioning in any area of your life.

I help you reprogram the movement of your feet, back, or any part of your body, to reintroduce support and lightness in your life.

We restore ease to your body, to create the relief you long for, so you bounce out of bed and enjoy the health you 100% deserve!

Nutritional Assessment using Systematic Kinesiology I will also be able to assess nutritional deficiency and intolerances.  Your body is dependent on good nourishment to heal so we need to resolve anything that hinders this for you.

If you are local to my Brighton and Hove Clinic, I will also be able to use hands-on Clinical Massage and Systematic Kinesiology to support your treatment.

The Ixchel System 

In the last year I am proud to have launched The Ixchel System Courses which includes the Get Into Your Body Methodology, to realign the posture of your joints and muscles.  I have also released the Ixchel DNA Pain Relief System which is a ground breaking process to safely release experienced, inherited or absorbed trauma, focusing on PTSD and CPTSD symptoms, as well as habits and addictions.

These courses are the result of my own healing process, as well as 25 years of working one-to-one with clients, with a vast spectrum of emotional and physical pain and health challenges.   

All of my learning was motivated by my own personal journey through chronic illness, pain and deep trauma.

This includes needing process three suicides in my immediate family, as well as other traumatic experiences that led to ill mental and physical health, disease and 20 years of active addiction between 1986-2006. 

The Revive Tribe and Relief Programs

Having created the Ixchel System Courses, it became evident that you need a structure to support you through experiencing them so I have also introduced The Relief and Revive Programs, to give you  support and community throughout your health recovery process.

However, if you prefer to simply work one-to-one this is completely available as well.

Why have I created the Ixchel System?

Time and again clients ask me why their Doctor, Physio or Osteopath has never shown or told them about what they learn in my Get Into Your Body Methodolgy.

Yoga teachers, other Movement Therapists and Medical Students wonder why they have never been shown the basics of what I teach in Clinic or in my Get Into Your Body Workshops.

Pain Relief is a by-product of good mobility

The Get Into Your Body practices are not complicated, actually the concept is simple.  The practice ae inspired my my teacher Gary Ward and Chris Sritharan.  I have taken elements of The Anatomy In Motion – Flow Motion Model, together with Mindfulness and broken them down into audio, video and pdfs to help you realign your whole body structure.

3 Dimensional Movement

Most joints in your body are designed to move in 3 directions (planes of movement) and in particular timing with all the other joints. (Every step you take).

I was also amazed when I initially learnt this essential aspect of rehabilitation and preventative movement therapy.

Ultimately, it is not about pain relief, it is simply that a by-product of shifting your body mass and moving the body correctly is being pain free! 

Once I incorporates this into sessions with clients, it has revolutionised results for Clinical Massage or any other  Treatments. 

Once I learnt these skills and the natural relationships that are meant to exists between different parts of my body, I experienced an extraordinary shift in my life and have seen it time and again for clients as well. 


Posture is Key

Movement therapy, or pain relief treatment is not just yoga poses, pilates moves or a trip to the Osteopath or Physio.  In my experience you need to learn to walk well, your body needs to be reminded how to access  postures, every step you take.

For most humans, they have lost the art of these crucial alignments.  Instead you continue, step after step to put imbalance into your body.

This can be caused by an emotional experience like grief, or a physical accident like a sprained ankle.

The body collapses or rearranges where its weight distributes, to avoid pain.  This creates pressure on joints, and disturbs your blood flow and the correct function of systems in your body.

Your brain has a kind of amnesia about what movement is possible to relieve pressure, and you stay stuck in very narrow or imbalanced alignments


I nurture you to be curious about the body you live in…..

Perhaps you have been told you have a tilted pelvis, or shoulders out of alignment. Then, just as you might take a pill to get rid of pain, you would like a therapist to realign your imbalance.

Don’t get me wrong, all treatments are essential to supporting recovery.  However, being dependent on another human being to relieve your pain can be costly, time-consuming and disempowering.

You are responsible for your body, and you need to how to safely move and reduce emotional trauma and stress.

You can learn exactly how to help your brain find the correct neutral, and polar points of mobility and emotional stability.  You are extraordinary, and your body is just waiting to be reminded about what it can do.

Lightbulb moments…….

Yet we often use our brains power to move us away from a point of pain, rather than towards it, to release the cause.

My job is to help your body bring the right skills to release your pain without it getting worse!

You need to know about what you put into your body nutritionally, and what you can actually absorb.

In many cases need to check your gut is absorbing and creating the sustenance you will be reliant on to nourish your recovery.

Do you understand what happens when you are stressed and you enter fight or flight, or life threat?  Your digestion shuts down, muscles contract, joints misalign, and hormones go haywire.  

Clients are completely astonished to see how simply learning more about their body is the often the key to recreating the health or pain relief that they believed they would never experience again.

When you think you have tried everything….

Very often people are at rock bottom by the time they find me.  They have tried everything and are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

The first thing I like to see is the way you walk.  The way your feet connect with the ground and the rest of your body holds itself.  

Usually I request a slo-mo video of you walking before we meet.   By this point, I know a lot, even before you give me your history.  Your body has revealed so much already.

Taking the mystery out of your pain and understanding it’s message….

I am Coeliac, and I believe that your digestion with where it all starts.  To create emotional of physical pain relief your body MUST have the energy to do it.  If your gut lining is not in good condition, this is not so easy.   

Also, so much physical pain is actually from emotional overload, or the impact of experiences of the past.  We give you the processes and support you need with The Ixchel DNA Pain Relief Course, and The Body & E-Motion.


I have a Degree Level Qualification in Clinical Massage (Btec Level 6 from The Jing Institute), and this means I have a thorough knowledge of pathologies, pain conditions, orthopaedic assessment and rehabiliation for all the joints and muscles in your body.

I have a Foundation in Systematic Kinesiology (Association of Systematic Kinesiology) which means I can assess nutritional deficeincy and food intolerances.  Also assessing if emotional load on muscle groups in your body are creating weakness.

Biomechanics & Gait Analysis – Gary Ward, Anatomy In Motion – Flow Motion Model

Medical Acupuncture  OMT Training – Full Certification

I am a fully qualified Relaxation, Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor  – Smart Foundations

Theta Healing DNA Practitioner Training – Theta Healing Academy

Advanced Reflexology – VTCT