Anatomy in Motion &
The Ixchel System ®

The Ixchel System is inspired by one of Victoria's teachers, Gary Ward, founder of the Anatomy in Motion (AIM) model.

After training with Gary, Victoria began using his 'flow motion model' – part of the AIM model – with her clients and achieved astounding results.

AIM helps people to get in touch with how their body is moving and where restrictions in movement keep them continuously recreating old pain patterns.

Starting with Gait Analysis, we help you remind your body about what's possible – but has been forgotten.

Core Elements of AIM & The Ixchel System


Move your body the way you want to. We look at how to increase your range of movement and enable your body to do everything you want it to without injuring or overstraining yourself.


We focus on mindful movement with full awareness of sensations, and somatic feelings. Your central nervous system and senses will come together to calm the mind and body.


Stretching is a vital part of restoring, relaxing and strengthening muscles after working on them. Different stretching techniques are used depending on the stage of your treatment.


To avoid injury and pain, we want to get your joints and muscles as strong as possible. You will be taught exactly which exercises are necessary for your particular injury or pain condition).


Using the Flow Motion Model we teach you to integrate the correct Gait Postures back into your brain and body connection.

We look at how your Centre of Mass impacts your different joints in different plains of movement. We teach you to move your body differently to change your biomechanics in a way that will potentially ease pressure and relieve pain – sometimes with almost immediate effect.

And even if you don't see immediate results, you'll learn how to create the space in your body for it to readjust and heal in its own perfect time.


Prehab exercises build strength and stability around your most vulnerable areas, decreasing the potential for injuries.

All athletes should include a personalised prehab program in their training to avoid future pain and injury – but prehab also helps correct problems caused by many factors other than the gym, track or playing field.

Anyone who spends most of their working life hunched over staring at a screen can end up with shoulder pain, while those who work manually repeating the same movements over and over daily could suffer from RSI.

After a full, 1-hour orthopaedic assessment looking at your posture, muscles, and motion, we'll tailor an exercise programme to suit you using a number of the techniques below.

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