Body Posture Chart

Use this document to mark up what is happening with your Pelvis, shoulders, neck, etc.  Do it a few times and notice whether your body shifts as you make new movement habits!  Us this together with the Get Back Into your Body 7 Day PDF

Foot Pressure 7 Day Scan

Use this foot pressure document to help yourself keep track of what is going on in your feet!  Where is the weight?  Are you feet having a completely different experience?  Do they feel the same distribution of weight each time you do a body scan or does it vary?

Get Into Your Body 7 Day PDF

Use this document to track your posture in different areas of your body!  Follow the FB Live or YouTube Videos at 11 am on Saturday Mornings on the Ixchel Therapies Massage and Movement FaceBook Business Page and see how you get on!