Corporate Introduction

Be Your Own Osteopath

Key Outputs  

  • Increases experiences of mobility, stability and physical alignment 
  • Participants are given practices to mobilize joints and create physical resilience 
  • Cultivates understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the body 
  • Identifies mobilisation to reduce pain in any part of the body 
  • Fosters shared identification within the group 

More Info

This session informs us that movement is something that we can use to prevent and release pain. It provides strategies to help us create alignment in all ranges of movement supporting our posture and physical wellbeing 

Science has shown that the majority of joints in the body are designed to move in 3 planes of movement, so everyone can have the capacity to move correctly if they check-in with their body’s capacity to move each joint correctly. Being structurally aligned and integrated is not a given, but it is a skill that we can learn and get better at. 

This ability to be aligned in your muscular-skeletal system is a part of what we call strong core instability. Correct postural alignment gives you the flexibility to move fluidly through all ranges of movement without restriction or pain. This allows our body to keep going even when we have prolonged sedentary times at a desk, or when the body is under pressure using repetitive movements.  

We can challenge our lack of mobility, identify opportunities for movement, and get out of our comfort zone to meet our physical goals. This all helps us have a better emotional and physical wellbeing every day.