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We know this is a big decision, so we have made some videos to help you consider whether becoming part of the Ixchel Practitioner Family is part of your calling.......

We're building our team of founding practitioners to bring The Ixchel System courses and methodologies into workplaces, schools and other large organisations.

Interested in exploring how The Ixchel System can transform your work and your clients' lives?

If you're a physical or mental well-being practitioner, bringing The Ixchel System into your work will transform your clients' lives.

Our Get Into Your Body Methodology and The Body and E-Motion principles are the result of years of learning and thousands of client hours. The Ixchel System is designed to get people out of the cycle of dependency on experts and empower them to manage chronic pain conditions on their own.

If you have clients that you keep seeing again and again with the same recurring issues, The Ixchel System will teach them to identify the root cause of their pain, re-align their entire body and break free from chronic physical and mental pain.

This is the knowledge every human deserves to have about their body.

Is the Ixchel System Calling to you?

Core Elements of Practitioner Training


Understanding your learning journey

You will begin your CPD and ITEC Accredited Journey here, learning to assess every joint in your body in 3D, realigning your posture and gait. We'll cover everything our bodies are designed to do and the range of movement available to us. Delivered through video, audio, written materials and live sessions, Level 1 and Level 2 reveal how we create our pathologies – and shows we have the power to break free from them.


A message from Victoria

Before you make your decision, Victoria would like to share about her journey and vision for The Ixchel System. This community is the result of a unique journey, and it is important that you feel connected if you are to a part of the evolution of The Ixchel System.



Here, we'll delve into the emotional causes of our body's misalignment. You'll learn about the autonomic nervous system and how automatic responses, personality traits, and maladaptive stress responses eclipse the body’s capacity to heal. We'll explore polyvagal theory and how to switch on our parasympathetic nervous system to create support and self-regulation. You will also be guided to consider how epigenetics and inherited trauma could be linked to pathologies and unexplained pain or disease.



Finally, we'll look at the role of nutrition in our healing journey, including how posture and gait impact the digestive system and polyvagal theory in the context of the digestive system. You'll learn about the digestive tract and its impact on nutrient absorption, the chemicals the gut sends to the brain and how they impact emotional and mental health, as well as the impact of pesticides and the distribution process of food on the digestive tract.

Interested in exploring using all or some of The Ixchel System modules in your practice with clients?

teach your clients what their bodies have forgotten

How do your clients move? And how is their movement impacting their physical and mental well-being?

The Ixchel System is designed to teach you to teach your clients how to unlock forgotten movements and powerfully shift their body's alignment to drastically improve their physical and mental well-being.

Every client starts off with a gait analysis, and you'll work with them to re-align their entire body from the ground up methodically working through the system from the feet to the jaw.

From the beginning, you will work to create a sense of safety for your clients, giving them permission to move and shift within a safe container – this is vital for all the work you will do.

we offer support beyond your qualification

When you're qualified to teach our methodologies, we'll support you with continued access to our online platform so that you can use the learning materials with your clients.

  • With the Get Into Your Body Methodology, you’ll teach your client the 7-week process to align and release pressure in every area of their body

  • You will have the tools to get your clients engaged with and immediately connected to their internal structure, feel aligned and able to get in action and move calmly forward

  • With the combination of our different processes, you’ll be able to give your client the exact tools they need to create coherence in their body

What do our practitioners say?


If you're a yoga teacher, massage therapist, chiropractor, osteopath or other bodyworker, The Ixchel System will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to work effectively with clients who are dealing with:

    • Fibromyalgia
    • ME
    • Chronic Fatigue
    • IBS
    • Chronic pain in the neck, back, shoulder, foot , jaw or any other area of the body


If you're a counsellor, therapist or mental health worker we'll support you to work more effectively and holistically with clients or patients who are dealing with:

    • Conflicts
    • Lack of boundaries
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Overwhelm
    • Lack of emotional safety

Our training is fully accredited

The Ixchel System is a tried, tested and fully accredited methodology and offers truly holistic solutions to chronic physical and emotional pain. Our aim is to teach you how to empower your clients and democratise this powerful, life-changing knowledge.

Our practitioner training programmes are experiential, intensive and thorough, expect to complete your training in 12-18 months.

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