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Hello and welcome and congratulations. So you are now ready or getting prepared to start your case studies.

This means that you have been through getting to your body level one.

You’ve probably gone through it twice and you’ve also gone through getting to your body level two. You’ve probably been sitting in groups and observing other people. And by this point, we know that you probably still feel quite unsure of what you’re doing, but we want to get you practicing and playing around with people. So it’s time to begin your case studies.

We will give you all the support we possibly can as a community and Victoria and other Practitioners will be here along the way with videos to support you.

You will also have the Facebook community group where you’ll be able to ask questions and share gait videos. we’ll all be in it together to make this process as simple, as easy and as enjoyable as possible.

It’s really fascinating to start to actually put this process into practice. So you will be observing people, but you’ll be questioning yourself, Am I seeing this, is it right or is it wrong?

I want to say is that I had to learn on people. It wasn’t that one day I suddenly understood everything. No, I’d gone and I’d trained with Gary Ward and then I just started looking at people and just looking at their bodies.

I’d try one thing then I’d try another. But what I can assure you of is that we have a structure and a system of support for you. So enjoy the ride.

Also we know life happens so you know, sometimes you’ll feel like you’re really getting on with things. And then another time you might feel like everything’s just not happening the way it should. Well, we are holding you in a space, a safe container within the practitioner training, and we want you to trust your process. There is no rush. If anything, what we are learning here is how to just stand and stay aligned and allowing everything happen one step at a time in its right kind of organisation.

Let’s get straight into the different modules to help you prepare and get ready to do your case studies. Off we go.