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Fibromyalgia Recovery Workbook

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This Workbook is designed to help you resolve causes of Fibromyalgia.

We are fully aware of how the condition impacts your life. This workbook is not about going into the medical side of your condition. We do this in 1-1 sessions, where we identify your specific presentation. The point of this workbook, is to give you support to resolve aspects of your life, that we know contribute to triggering the disease.

Fibromyalgia is difficult to for people to resolve, because it is a maladaptive stress response and postural collapse. If you want information about the disease and how it is caused, then please watch our 3 part video series, which you will be directed to once you have purchased your workbook.

This workbook is going to identify the parts of you and your life that need to be resolved, that causes the overload and flareups.

If you are anything like me, then perhaps you get started on something, with all the excellent intention possible, only to get distracted and lose focus on your road map.

So you really need a plan!

With some processes losing your way is no big deal, however, when it relates to long term projects, over-commitment or burnout can send you into a continuing downward spiral!

When I create a plan for my clients, I find that they begin to have incredible results that keep them on track, as their consistent efforts accelerate with healing results in many areas of their lives.

We all know that struggling with all our day-to-day commitments is not easy. When we have overload lots of symptoms like anxiety, depression, and adrenal malfunction (when you are exhausted) can creep in. So the last thing you feel like doing is putting effort into doing even more for your health!

However, I want you to know that in my years of recovery from my own health challenges and having worked with hundreds of clients, the sooner you begin to work your 66-Day Plan to help nourish and boost your energy and wellbeing, the sooner we start manifesting your energy, health and internal resources to keep springing into action from and energized foundation.

Whether it is years, weeks, or days of suffering from stress and disease, sometimes you can find you are in a battle for your soul. Your vitality and the essence of who and what you are is bruised and buried – to the very core of your being – and you need to connect and receive as much support, resources, and connection to help you be in action and thrive!

Click the following link to see an intro and sample pages of this book Fibromyalgia Recovery Workbook