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Foot Pain Relief for Injury and Chronic Pain

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Give you the tools you need to help you heal your heels and feet!


Foot Pain Relief Course

Relief: Plantar Fasciitis, Strain, Sprain, or Rehab from Broken Foot Bone

This course will put the spring back into your step with everything you need to learn to reduce or eliminate your foot pain!

Are you sick and tired of the same old foot and heel pain? Do you wish you could go for a run or enjoy a walk, or simply dash up the stairs, without your feet making you adjust your step to avoid pain?

Here you have the tools and practices to mobilize your feet and reduce or eliminate pain and stiffness, creating foot flexibility and freedom from chronic pain.

This course is going to transform your relationship with your feet,.

Each practice will help understand and learn how the weight of your body is sinking down and potentially causing unnecessary compression in your feet!

You are going to understand how your joints act and muscles react in your body. You will then be able to experience a level of support and alignment in your feet which you have been unable to access since your discomfort began.

Using the tried and test Get Into Yoru Feet process, you will simply align the joints in your body which can immediately ease pressure and pain.

Again and again, participants ask why their Doctor, Osteopath or Physio has never shown them or show them what is in this course.

It’s because they weren’t taught the simple rules of Gait Alignment, and the way the weight or you body distributes through your feet when you walk or move around.

So I am thrilled that you are ready to take the first step of The Ixchel System and Get Into Your Feet for foot pain relief and treatment!