Get Into Your Body Online Course

Are you sick and tired of the same old pain or stiffness in part of your body?  Whether it is getting out of bed in the morning, bending down to put on your shoes or lifting something up!

Maybe it’s when you go for that run, or those annoying headaches that come back time and again……  Or maybe the pressure of an emotional challenge is physically stressing out your back or neck?

With the best of intentions, do you go to the Gym, or regularly do something at work, that stops you in your tracks because of discomfort in your body?  

Or, perhaps you try to breathe well, but you are too emotionally stressed, and that physical tension just won’t budge?

If this is you, then you know that as you get older, your body  has adopted some unhelpful habits, which are now rumbline, or even screaming to you in the voice of back pain, shoulder pain, or emotional stress turning to physical tension.

Even more unhelpful, is that you might not even realise that the way you walk, sit or do your job, could be completely compounding the problem and creating unnecessary discomfort.

Does this resonate?  If your answer is even a vague “yes” then you need to

Get Into Your Body and Level 1 is an ‘absolute must!’ 

You will learn to reset your postural alignment  so you can enjoy all the years ahead of you.  It really is such a simple, but essential process. 

It’s not a magic ‘fix me now’ pill, where someone else makes it all better for you.  

You are going to need to be willing to be a stand for your own wellness and to feel into what your bones and muscles are doing.

You will spend some time feeling into sensations in your joints and muscles how they feel when they move in different directions.

 You are going to self-assess your alignment to adjust it.  

In just 10 minutes a day, you will learn to realign and change a few essential movement habits in your joints and muscles so that you create flow and mobility, that prevents stiffness and pain.

This will transform the way it feels to be living in your body.  

Once you have learnt the Get Into Your Body Process, I promise you it will become second nature.

Good movement will become just as natural and ingrained into your mind/body brain, as the bad movement or tension that creates stiffness, pain and injury.  

It’s so exciting because Get Into Your Body simply teaches ‘you about you’.  You are the one person you are always with……   your relationship with your body is the one relationship you will always be in.   You are going to learn how to adjust and awaken your back, shoulders and everything else. Imagine your back and rib cage moving each other to release pain…..   Or how your shoulder joint and should blade can actually let go of tension, if they remember how to move together correctly….

We could get all nerdy and say Get Into Your Body will realign your Gait and get every Joint in your body moving in three planes of motion.  But what on earth does that mean to you?

Well, it’s simply that with the odd exception, nearly every joint in your body is designed to move backwards and forwards, side to side, and rotate in opposite directions.  

However, if you have tension or pain, somewhere it’s very likely these movements are not working for you.

This could be because of bad sitting habits, or the bad habits left in your body after a twisted ankle,  or from doing the DIY…..

Stiffness of immobility in your body can also be from struggling with emotional pain or trauma.

That kind of experience can trigger a collapse in your posture, so joints can not move correctly.

 Your brain has tried to protect that joint by not moving it, and is forcing pressure on another part of your body.

Then, when that join heals, the brain forgets to get it moving correctly again, and the other parts of your body that have taken the load, continue to take the load, and movement pattern is set up…..  

This sets off a domino effect, where all the joints have to rearrange themselves.  This will protect and area of pain initially, but sets up some very unfortunate movement patterns, that can then inadvertently create different chronic pain, sometimes days or even years down the line. Often, to try to protect and another area that is no longer in pain.


How does the Course Work?

You can either access the course online and work through the daily practices yourself, or you can also join a workshop and get specific feedback on what is happening with your body.

You can join a Workshop On Zoom where you will be taken through a Course of 7 Monthly Workshops, where you will be taught about your body, how it is designed to move, how to identify what’s not moving and how to realign it.   

Victoria Salomon, or another qualified practitioner will be there to teach you, and watch your movement.

 You will be guided and readjusted to help improve your posture and mobility.  

By the time you complete Get Into Your Body Level 1, you will have visited each area of your body and assessed the ability of every joint in your body, to check if it moves in each direction, you will be the expert on what you can and can’t do and how to restore movement that is missing!