Equal Opportunities 


The purpose of this statement is to mitigate any potential discrimination or unfair treatment against trainees, clients or participants of Ixchel Therapies, Ixchel Workplace Wellbeing and The Ixchel System Training School 

The Ixchel System is committed to the principles of equal opportunities and will strive to ensure that no one using the service will be treated less favorably on the following grounds: 
• age 
• disability 
• sex or gender 
• race or religion 
• sexual orientation 
• nationality 
• social background 
• or by any other condition that cannot be shown to be justifiable. 

The Ixchel System welcomes trainees, clients or participants from all communities and will protect them from abuse or harassment. 

Any trainee should be able to undertake the course or use the service provided they meet any entrance requirements. The same assessment standard must be applied equally to all trainees. 

The Ixchel System Training School recognises that discrimination can take varying forms: 

• Where a trainee or participant is treated less favourably than another in the same or similar situation on one of the grounds listed above. 

• Where a rule or practice is applied to all but has the effect of disadvantaging a particular group 
of people compared to others outside the group, unless the rule or practise is needed to 
achieve a legitimate aim and the means of achieving the aim are appropriate and necessary. 

• Where an individual has taken steps to enforce their rights (or has helped another to do so) and as a result, is treated less favourably than those who have not complained. 

• Where an individual is subjected to unwanted conduct on a protected ground which has the purpose or effect of violating their dignity or of creating an intimidating, hostile, humiliating or offensive environment. 

The Ixchel System Training School acknowledges that treating trainees, clients and participants equally does not equate to treating all trainees and participants in the same way, but that their needs can be met in different ways. The Ixchel System values diversity and will seek to enable all trainees or participants to realise their full potential. 

Victoria Jahkeline Salomon 

July 13th 2022