Get Into Your Body Level 3 Advanced Level

Discover the Power of the treasure inside your body

In Get Into Your Body Level 3, we explore gait on an even deeper level, to experience how the separate organs and body systems are supported and moved by the bony structures, as well as the timing and connection of their day to day movement. This is a deepening experience, and a profound journey for your potential of inhabiting your body. This further depth has been asked for by Level 2 Students who wish to continue the extraordinary journey into the bones of who they are!

We will also introduce the Mindful connection into the organs of the body with Body Scans to help you fully connect with every area of your body in a more sophisticated and energetic level.

How the Level 3 course is delivered

Get Into Your Body Level 3 is an ITEC and FHT CPD accredited 8-lesson course made up of Self-Led Online Modules, Live Group Workshops and optional One-to-One Sessions (delivered online or in-person).

Each online module includes written material, video demonstration and downloadable PDF instructions.

Each week, Self-Assessment Downloads allow you to record exactly what your body is doing, and reflect on how your mind and body transform during the course.

You will also be assessed and receive feedback across 8 live Zoom sessions, with the option of accessing one-to-one support sessions in between.

How much does the Level 3 course cost?

There are three options for taking the Get Into Your Body Level 2 course, either fully online for £750,
online with weekly group workshops for £1500 or with an additional 6 x 121 sessions for £2000.
The course price is the same whether you are an individual or a practitioner.

Get Into Your Body Level 3:
Online Course Only

Complete the course online with weekly self-assessment – £750 GBP

Get Into Your Body Level 3:
Online + Live Workshops

Online modules and weekly group courses – £1500 GBP

Get Into Your Body Level 3:
Online + Live Group + 121

Online modules, weekly group courses, plus 6 x 121s* – £2000 GBP

*121s are only offered at this price to individuals who purchase the Get Into Your Body Level 2 package. If you would like to
book 121 sessions only, these will be charged at £120 per session. Book a no-obligation consultation with Victoria here.

What will you learn in Level 3?

In Get Into Your Body Level 3, we will start by reviewing everything you learnt in Level 2, then begin to look at how each of the different bone structures of your body are designed to contain, support and activate the function of different systems and organs in the body.

Lesson 1 – Integrating Level 2 & Mindful Introduction to the organs and systems inside you.

We will review the cogs or your body and their ability to connect your lower, mid and upper body to allow the systems and organs to have space and connection for optimum function and health.

We will also introduce Mindfulness Body Scanning to the shapes and sizes or organs and systems in your pelvis, bringing awareness to their presence and the impact of movement in your day to day life.

Lesson 2 – Deep Dive Into Your Perineum and Pelvic Bowl

Learn to go deeper into the container of your pelvis. Access the energetic centres of the organs of your bladder and reproductive systems whilst connecting with the movement of the sacrum and pelvic bone.

Moving from the extraordinary power of your bones, connect to the safety and structure they provide to the base of your upper body.

Lesson 3 – Get Into Your Belly and Abdomen

You will connect more deeply into this sencond energetic centre of your body, feeling into an awakening of your guts and celiac plexus and dorsal vagal centre. Meeting your energy centre of safety and creativity whilst moving in deeper than ever to your gut feeling.

We will also look at the autonomic nervous system polarity and potential of life threat and Life Creation that relate to the energetic frequencies in this area of your body.

Lesson 4 – Get into your Spine

Explore each of your sacral, lumbar, thoracic and cervical vertebrae. Connect into your spinal fluid and Dural tube. This is an extraordinary opportunity to use the cog as a way to access and stimulate the complete length of your spinal column and connect the energy from your foundation to the crown of your body.

Finally taking time out to explore one vertebrae at a time!

Lesson 5 –Get in between your Ribs

Explore your treasure chest in far more depth, moving into the small muscles between each rib and the connective tissue around the organs buried inside. An opportunity to truly embody your chest and take time to feel into the centre of your power! Understanding and accessing visceral connections surrounding the the structures.

Taking time to deepen your connection with your basket of ribs, a treasure chest that homes your heart and lungs and other vital organs.

Lesson 6 – Get into your Heart

Tuning into your heart beat, and the depth of its home tucked deeply inside your chest. Accessing the true powerbank and presence of your physical life force in the centre of your rib cage. Bringing attention to the vagal nerve of self regulation and true peace or blooming passion, lying deep within above the diaphragm.

Perhaps high blood pressure, numbness or life, or a desire to connect every deeper to your source, this is your opportunity to feel into the beating drum or your existance.

Lesson 7 – Get Into Your Lungs

Finally accessing your lungs and breath from deep within the structure of your rib cage. You will listen into your lungs and connect to the energy of emotion. Relating to grief or total freedom, this energetic centre has the power to collapse or elevate the core of your being.

We understand the power of breathwork is an important practice however assault this can be difficult when the rib cage is stuck in 3D. With the access to the cogs to unlock and excavate from the mechanics of bones joints, the lungs now find their own space and pace to breath, so we can visit and observe their rhythm.

Lesson 8 – Get into your Brain

The limbic brain, penial gland and pituitary gland are sitting within your skull. Using the activation of the container of your skull together with the cogs, feel into the power of these energies and come home to the connections within your thinking and internal pharmacy power bank!

Using the Flow Motion Modeland introducing Polyvagal Theory, you can begin to revisit reactions from the past that are imprinted in your body and learn how to lessen the hold these imprints may have on your movement and ability to create optimum alignment.

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