Online Sessions and Get Into your Body Workshops

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Online Sessions and Get Into your Body Workshops

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Movement Therapies

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Who Do I Treat?

If you are in pain, I can treat you! All ages and backgrounds can experience amazing long term results and I am dedicated to help you improve your quality of life. 

From techniques including Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Medical Acupuncture, Hot Stone Fusion, Reflexology and Kinesiology, I look forward to making you feel better!  

 I am and advocate for making sure nutrition is at its optimum level in your body as without this the body does not have the fuel to repair itself. 

Who Benefits From My Treatment?

If you are going through a transition in your life whether it be due to grief, relationship breakup or simply shifting through change in your body like menopause or pregnancy, your body will be speaking to you, and I will help you to listen and shift!  . 

Meet Blue Our Therapy Dog

This is Blue and he is able to add his own special love and healing to some of the treatments at Ixchel Therapies.

He is especially good for Adults with Learning Disabilities and Children.

When my Clients are going through emotional difficulties or traumatic times Blue is also there to give you some true unconditional love.

About me

Who am I?

My name is Victoria Jahkeline Salomon and I am here to help you feel better!  

If you are looking for a truly comprehensive approach to relieve your pain and aid rehabilitation from injury, then I am confident that I can help you.

I will help you to improve your overall energy so you can easily function throughout your day, pain-free and happy. I have spent the last 25 years specialising in helping people recover.

We will create the plan you need to get you back on your feet, living the life you love.

You are unique and the journey we will take will be exclusive to what you need right now. 

Equipped with a degree in Clinical Massage and specialising as a Gait Analyst,  I will assess your body and understand your pain condition, establish how you created it, and how to release pain and realign your body.

We will look at your pain, your movement, your nutrition, we may even need to identify if something else in your life, is actually keeping you so stressed, that it shows up as pain in your body.  We will work out how you are going to process that as well!

We will nourish your body making sure it is strong enough to heal.

Sometimes, we need to identify what movement you are doing to create your pain, and sometimes we need to reprogram your brain from thinking your body still has an injury, that actually no longer exists – we have to remind your body, that it is safe to move freely again!

When I touch your body I listen first and then using very specific clinical massage techniques, I begin to realign your muscle fibres to release tightness and pain!

I add to this what I have learned when I trained with Gary Ward and now incorporate the skill of Gait Analysis and Anatomy In Motion (AIM) combined with listening touch, which means I go very gently when touching your body, and then teach you to move differently, so the pain does not return.  

More recently I have also introduced Theta Healing to help you recognise and release emotions or belief systems that create tension in your body.  This can then keep tension and stress stuck in your body, creating unhelpful movement  patterns in your posture, and consequently triggering specific and predictable pain conditions, because you are shouldering too much in your life, or feeling like you are unsupported.