Conclusioni: le domande che ti devi porre


Before you finish, think of any part of your body and ask yourself these 

Four Big Questions

My teacher Chris Sritharan has always encouraged curiosity within the process of self-inquiry and self-assessment, so I am sharing some of his questions here, for you to use.

What does it need to do?

How do I need to do it?

Where is it necessary to do it?

When is it necessary to do it?

Hopefully, you can now answer this, and feel it and experience it more consciously……..

I also hope that you have discovered parts of your body and how to engage with yourself in a whole new way!

Now it’s time to continue your journey and get moving into the cogs and phases of gait that you use every day, every step that you take.

I am so looking forward to teaching you your next steps, in getting Into Your Body Part 2