Connecting with Movements of your Rib Cage

Connecting with your Rib Cage

The Rib Cage has the ability to move independently from the spine in each plane of movement.  However, it is extremely common to find it difficult to isolate the movement of the rib cage without your head or the pelvis also wanting to join in.  The question, as ever, is whether lack of movement is because your rib cage has simply forgotten, or maybe never knew it could do these movements, or if, in fact, there is something structural damaged or misaligned, that is restricting your movement in one plane or another.

When the rib cage moves correctly and independently, the muscles that attach to the bottom and top of the rib cage, connecting with either the neck or the Pelvis, will get to fully contract and release.  However, if the neck or waist move in the same direction as the rib cage, then the connecting muscles get far less compression and release.  Do not worry if this is hard to make sense of you because you will learn all about this in later practices. 

However, it is good to know that it is the lack of correct movements between the top of the Rib Cage and head, that can cause shoulder or neck pain; or, lack of movement or misaligned movement at the bottom of the rib cage with the pelvis causes back pain or referred pain(CHANGE LINK) to other areas of the body.

So often neck or back problems exist because these two areas have lost the ability to fully move towards and away from each other.  This means the muscles do not get the opportunity to fully compress and release, like a spring.