Introduction to the Neck

Introduction To Your Neck

Whether it’s headaches, shoulder pain, or even wrist pain.  Your neck could well be the culprit.

There are so many muscles in your neck and if you don’t keep this area moving well they can easily become contracted or stuck!

Did you know that you have so many nerve pathways coming out of your neck bones (vertebrae) in your neck that can be compressed by tight muscles, which also inhibit good blood flow and oxygen from getting into your head and your brain!

This in turn can cause pain that is not only in the neck, but refers to the head, shoulders, arms, and even the chest and upper back!

So learning to correctly align and engage your neck muscles so they can contract and release easily is essential.

It could be sleeping with your head in a twisted position, or your chin pointing too much towards the ceiling, or simply looking down at your computer screen or mobile phone for too much of the time.

Also, very often in my experience, people keep doing neck exercises or stretches to release their neck muscles that simply inflame them even more.

So in Workshop 6, you are going to learn how moving other parts of your body, whether it is your arms, shoulders, or ribcage, can actually help to release your neck, without putting added pressure on your neck joints or muscle area that is inflamed and in pain!