Let’s talk shoulders!

At this point in Get Into Your Body, you are going to learn something which I think is quite cool.  For most people, the shoulder is just something you have on two sides of your chest, at the top of your body.  

Shoulders are notorious for pain and you are going to see why there is so much potential for this!  

There is just so much going on, in such a tiny area of your body, with so much potential for damage.  Quite often the shoulders are doing the work that your back and your core muscles should be doing for your body.  

Why is this?  Well, as you have probably worked out by now, there is a lot in your body that can literally go on strike or simply forget what it can or should be doing.

In my opinion, the shoulders often take the load.

Rather than bend down – you reach with your shoulder

Rather than spread the weight – you hang it all on your shoulder

Rather than sleep on your back – you sleep on your shoulder

So I hope you are ready and eager to take your shoulders apart and understand a little more about them.

Firstly, I want you to understand that your shoulders are actually combined with your neck, ribcage and arms. Your actual shoulder joint at the top of your arm is not the whole story, it is attached to your shoulder blade (scapula) which is stuck to the top of your rib cage.  In my opinion, most of the trouble comes from the shoulder blade and shoulder joint not separating out and doing their own jobs correctly.

So in this section of Get Into Your Body, you will get the chance to learn each part of the shoulder and its separate movements.

This is going to give you the power to release your shoulders like never before! Enjoy.