Practice 21 – Using the ground to connect

Using the Ground to Connect to your Ribcage

In this practice, you will begin to get some sensation in the back of your ribcage. 

Why are you doing this?

This is to help you to feel the back of your body and especially the muscles and bones in your back.  It can be very difficult to get a sense of this area of your body, so the combination of the sensation of the ground, and the pressure of the weight of your body sinking down, is a good way to create sensory awareness, which then makes it easier to move the area.

1. Lie on the ground with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor

2. Try to make the pressure sinking into the ground in both feet equal

3. Feel your pelvis on the ground and, again, try to create equal pressure going down the left and right side into the ground

4. Now roll your pelvis up and down on the ground, so you feel the curve of your lower back arch and flatten.  Notice what this feels like and how the arch also raises up the bottom of the back of your rib cage.

5. Next bring your attention to your chest and your breath.  Take a nice deep breath in and, as you inhale, pull the muscles inside your chest, around your spine in your ribcage, slowly up towards your neck and your throat, as tight and as far up as you can contact them.

6. When you have pulled the muscles up as far as you can, hold for the count of 3, then release

7.  Slowly release them, softening the area towards the base of your ribcage first and letting the higher area follow

8. Now you are creating a much flatter arch in your back, however, instead of simply tipping your ribcage upwards, using your pelvis, you are drawing it up and actively getting into all the muscles.  Contracting and releasing.  You will have a flatter curve in your spine, however, the arch will travel further up your spine.

9. This is a great practice to repeat as often as possible, as it helps to release all kinds of tension in your upper body