Practice 24 – Rib Cage In Transverse Plane

Rib Cage In Transverse Plane

In this practice we will look at the art of getting good rotation in your spine and ribcage, you will need to:

*   anchor your pelvis facing forwards so it does not rotate with the ribcage

*  keep your eyes on the horizon in front of you which will anchor your head

If you can keep your head and your pelvis facing forwards, it will create an anchor so the muscles above and below your rib cage will actually get to fully extend and release.

It will make more sense when you do it.

1. Stand with your feet facing 12 O’Clock and knees fully extended

2. Keep your ribcage directly above your pelvis and engage your hip flexors

3. Rotate your ribcage towards 3 O’Clock but do not let your head, or pelvis, turn to 3 O’Clock as well

4. Is it hard to isolate the movement of your ribcage from your head?

5. What does the movement feel like in the middle of the back of your ribcage when you get towards 3 O’Clock?  Can you feel a twisting and contracting there?

6. Now do the same movement, but allow your head to go with your ribcage.  Can you feel how there is no contract in your spine in the middle?  

7. Now do the same on the other side towards 9 O’Clock

8. Do you have more mobility going towards 3 O’Clock or 9 O’Clock?