Practice 30 – Shoulders at 4 and 8 O

 Shoulders at 4 and 8 O’Clock

Now we are going to look at bringing your scapulas and shoulder joints back towards 4 and 8 O’Clock. You will be retracting the shoulders and feeling them compressing around your spine, whilst opening up the muscles at the front of your chest.

1. Start with your arms and 3 and 9 O’Clock

2. Make sure your arms are handing loosely with your wrists and hands completely soft

3. Now, leading from your scapulas begin to draw them backwards towards 4 and 8 O’Clock

4. Feel the contraction in your upper back and the opening in the front of your chest

5. Once your scapulas have reached the end of their range, your thumbs should be pointing slightly forwards

6. Begin to rotate your wrists backwards, and you will feel an added spreading and engagement of the muscles in your chest and contraction around your scapulas

7. Slowly release and rotate your wrists back to neutral. Then bring your scapulas back to 3 and 9 O’Clock

8. Move in and out of this movement until it is fluid and flows

9. Notice whether it feels the same on both sides or if one side is more restricted