Practice 36 – Neck in Transverse Plane

Neck In Transverse Plane

This practice is all about very exact alignment.  Keeping your eyes on the horizon and making sure your nose stays on the line of the horizon as well.

So many neck problems are due to the neck muscles moving out of alignment.  Due to them being so tiny, as well as there being a few different groups of them, this can cause real problems.

Added to that, you have the nerves coming out of your spinal column in the cervical vertebrae, and if your neck muscles are tight around this, then not only does it compress blood flow to the brain, muscles can compress the nerves, causing referred pain into the head, shoulders, chest and even the upper back.

So this is important to get right!

1. Sitting in a chair, fix your eyes at the level of your horizon

2. Rotate you head towards 3 O’Clock.  How far can it go?  Can you rotate it without your nose wanting to dip downwards AT ALL!?

3. Now rotate your head towards 9 O’Clock. How far can it go? Can you rotate it without your nose wanting to dip downwards AT ALL?

4. Now repeat this process towards 3 and 9 O’Clock with your ribcage lifting up with your breath? How does it impact your range of movement?

5. Now repeat the process, with your ribcage collapsed for the out breath, what do you notice about your range of movement in either side of your neck?

6. Now do the above, but from a standing position, with your tripod and all other parts of your body correctly aligned

7. Do you feel a different connection with your neck when standing? If so how does it show up for you?