Practice 38 – The Neck and Clock Face

The Neck In the Clock Face

Now you have a better relationship with your neck we are going to try to put a few of these movements together.

This is when you begin to Get Into Your Body, in ways that, in my experience, are completely new and fairly radical.  You will understand why simply rolling your shoulders, or sending your head in one direction, has not been the ticket to release your neck pain.

1. Align yourself in the Clockface facing 12 O’Clock

2. Move to rotate your neck so your eyes move around the clock face on the horizon toward 1-2 O’Clock

3. Drop your chin in the sagittal plane, down towards your chest

4. Now take your 3 O’Clock arm forwards to a 90-degree angle from your chest, with your fingers pointing to 12 O’Clock

5. Allow your 9 O’Clock side of ribcage to drop down so your left hand fingers are fully engaged and pointing down to the floor

6.  What is happening in your neck now?  Can your feel how when we introduce, Sagittal, Frontal and Transverse plane in the Clockface, your have a neck release that is the most profound experience you can hope for.

7. Now repeat on the other side, and due to the technicality of this movement, here is the process!

8. Rotate your neck towards 10-11 O’Clock

9. Drop you chin down in sagittal plane, towards your chest

10. Take your 9 O’Clock arm forward raised at an angle of 90 degrees from your chest

11. Point the fingers fully engaged towards 12 O’Clock

12. Now let your 3 O’Clock side of your rib cage sink down with fingers fully engaged and pointing to the floor

13.  You can also experiment with swapping which arm is forward and which arm is downwards whilst keeping your neck in the same position

14.  This is all exploration, so enjoy!  We look at this so much more in workshops and one-to-one sessions!