Practice 41 – The Jaw moving from side to side

Side to Side  – Frontal Plane

This exercise is going to help you get flexibility into your jaw.  You can put your hand on to the side that you are moving away from, to get more momentum

(You can be sitting down for this practice)

1. Send your jaw sideways as far as you can get, so long as you do not feel any discomfort.  You must not move into pain!

2. Once you get to the side, move in and out of that place a few times, to really create mobility and wake up your jaw

3. Repeat on the other side, notice if one side feels a lot easier than the other

4. Where else in your skull do you feel pressure and contraction when you do this?

5. Try doing this with your mouth open 

6. No try it with your mouth nearly shut

7. Rotate your head towards 3 O’Clock and do these movements

8. Now rotate towards 9 O’Clock and see if it feels the same, easier, or more restricted

Jaw shifting side to side – Anatomy In Motion