Practice 42 – The Jaw Open Wide and Clenched Shut

Open wide – Clench shut

In this practice, we simply want to see how far you can open your mouth. Imagine you want to scream at the top of your voice!

(You can be sitting down for this practice)

1. Open your mouth as wide as you can

2. Do you feel a restriction around your jaw joint in front of your ear?

3. Does it feel scary to open your mouth that wide, or is it nice and relaxed?

4. Now clench your jaw tight

5. Does this feel familiar or difficult to do?

6. Can you feel the tension in the rest of your body when you do it?

7. Now, move between opening wide and clenching tight, and notice how this feels in the back of your skull and neck when you do it!

8. Now, feel into your throat and chest when you do it, can you feel the impact it has internally on your deeper muscles?