Practice 43 – The Jaw and the Breath

The Jaw and the Breath

This is so important and is a golden key for you to relax and Get Into Your Body!

1. Sit down and notice how your jaw aligns naturally without you doing anything with it

2. Now relax your jaw and, with your mouth open, take in a deep breath

3. Notice what happens in your body when your jaw relaxes and you breathe in, do you notice take your focus first to your pelvis, then to your feet?    

4. Now stand up in correct alignment and see if you feel any difference in your body with a relaxed jaw whilst breathing  and out through your mouth

5. Can you feel a different connection with your feet when you breathe in and out with an open jaw, rather than breathing in and out through your nose?

6. Is it difficult to keep your jaw soft and relaxed?