Practice 45 – Jaw Scan – Standing

Jaw Scan – Standing

The alignment of your pelvis and its connection with your jaw will be different when sitting down to standing up.  

So it is important to explore the sensations in your jaw, standing, and sitting.  You could also have a check-in with your jaw when you lie down.

1. Stand up with feet hip-width apart, and your feet, legs, pelvis, spine, and ribcage nicely aligned

2. Take a few normal breaths

3. Begin relaxing your jaw, breath in and out allowing your ribcage to rise, and settle

4. Feel into your ribcage and chest, and how the mobility feels with your jaw relaxed and breathing through it

5. Does it feel the same or different from when you were sitting down?

6. Feel into your pelvis, allowing it to anteriorly tilt as you breathe in and posterior tilt as you breathe out

7. Feel if you have a connection with your feet

8. Now try to do all of the above movements, but with a clenched, tight, shut mouth.  What is the difference?

9. Can you feel the tension in your jaw restricting movement in your muscles and joints?

10. How far down your body does the impact go, can you feel it just in your upper body, or as far down as your feet?