Practice 46 – Clenching and Releasing the Jaw through the Clock Face

Clenching and Releasing the Jaw through the Clock Face

During this practice you will move towards 3 O’Clock and 9 O’Clock, experiencing how the movement feels like it flows or may become somewhat jittery and restricted.

The idea is that you start to understand how the slightest engagement of your jaw, has a knock-on effect throughout your whole body.

You will begin to discover whether you can feel this connection, or if you actually feel very little association between your jaw and your body when moving through the transverse plane.

It is important to remember there is no wrong or right here.  However, the more you explore the connections in your body, the greater you capacity to release stiffness and pain.

1. Stand in good alignment in the Clock Face

2. Move towards 3 O’Clock and 9 O’Clock with your jaw in your own version of neutral

3. Notice if you can move more easily in one direction than the other.

4. Now do the same movement, but with a clenched jaw, can you notice any difference in how far you can rotate around the Clock Face?

5. Is it easier to go in one direction than the other?

6. Now do the same movement towards 3 and 9 O’Clock, but with an open relaxed jaw.

7. Can you notice the difference in your mobility?

8. Practice doing the movement with your jaw relaxed and scan through the different joints in your body, giving yourself time to experience how they feel during the movement with a relaxed jaw – this is ideally what you want to create.

9. Overall, you want to begin to feel how gravity sinks through your body when you relax your jaw!