The Hangover Tool Kit!

Drink extra water. If you are drinking pints, try to dilute them with equal alcohol.

If we come back to the 80/20 rule then a good night out is essential, well deserved, and part of living a normal life..

This could include eating and drinking substances that are not ideal for your system, or simply overindulging and having far more than your body needs.

If you are in the habit of loving your night out with your mates or having a slap-up meal, your body may not want to deal with processing the overload.

Why it’s good to eat when you drink alcohol?

So this is when you could put in the following plan:

First, it dilutes the alcohol you pour in afterward due to the water content of the food. Then the proteins, fats, and fiber slow down the absorption of the alcohol. It also reloads your body with vitamins and minerals that alcohol depletes. “Eating anything is better than eating nothing, except perhaps for caffeine and salt,”

Try to eat at least 15 minutes before you drink, as this will give your body time to start breaking down your food ready to absorb the alcohol.

You also want some good supplements so I would suggest:

Take some extra probiotics to realign and get good bacteria in your Gut. Alcohol can have high sugar content and also be acidic for the gut.

Antioxidants diotake away toxicity, and literally clean up inside your body. If you can take a couple before you go out, then with water when you get home, and first thing the next morning then you should be on the way to avoiding some of the lethargy and headache, as well as other detox symptoms.

Continue to do this for a couple of days until you feel like your normal self.