If you're struggling with any of these issues in your life...

  • Waking up in pain
  • Can’t bend down to pick up your child
  • Unable to take part in a sport you love
  • Repetitive strain injury from your work
  • Chronic or long-term illness like Fibromyalgia
  • The stress of grief or other life challenges
  • Inability to recover from COVID
  • Anxiety, depression, overwhelm and burnout's time for us to have a chat.

If you've given up hope of resolving pain and resigned yourself to living with it, book a one-to-one session and we'll assess every aspect of what's happening in your body.

What happens after your discovery call?

Victoria Jahkeline Salomon Founder, Ixchel Therapies

If you'd like to work one-to-one with me after your discovery call, we'll discuss what program of treatment is best for you and book your first session online or in person.

If you live in Brighton & Hove or the surrounding areas – or if you're in the UK and able to travel – then you'll have the option of booking a face-to-face session. Otherwise, I'll work online with you.

Working remotely on video calls, I've successfully helped people internationally, all the way from the USA to New Zealand.

Victoria Jahkeline Salomon Founder, Ixchel Therapies

What techniques will we use?

Clinical Massage is used in clinics in face-to-face appointments but is also effective to teach as a self-treatment online. You don't have to be a massage therapist to be able to relieve your own pain.

Anatomy in Motion (AIM) is a series of easy-to-learn practices taught via our Get Into Your Body Methodology, for immediate pain reduction and improvement in mobility or optimum sport performance.

Systematic Kinesiology assesses your nutritional deficiencies and muscle weaknesses to show what might be causing your tiredness, sickness or pain. You'll receive a tailored recovery plan to address your specific needs.

Gait Analysis & Postural Realignment looks at where your body has become immobile or stuck. We remind your body of what it can do and recalibrate every single joint and muscle, leaving you feeling free and moving easily.

Theta Healing & The Ixchel DNA Pain Relief System is an extremely powerful process to release pain and trauma relating to your life experiences which, unattended to, often progress into chronic physical pain and disease.

We've helped hundreds of people become pain-free

Discover the power of The Ixchel System

One to One

Hands-on sessions to free up your body and relieve pain at our clinic in Brighton, UK

Online Courses

Work through the system at your own pace to improve your health and reduce your pain.

Live Workshops

Learn the Get Into Your Body Methodology to realign posture and reduce pain.

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