If you are struggling with any of these challenges, then book your call below! You are in the right place!

  • Are you waking up in pain?
  • Can’t bend down or even to pick up a child
  • Unable to take part in a sport you love?
  • Repetitive Strain from your work?
  • Longterm illness like Fibromyalgia that just won’t go away?
  • Struggling with the stress of grief or other life challenges?
  • At rock bottom and given up hope of resolving your pain?
  • Unable to recover from Covid?
  • Anxiety, depression, overwhelm and burnout?

Do you feel like it will never get better, and you simply need to learn to live with it?

It may be time for a one-to-one session, to help assess all aspects of what is happening in your body……… 

Please book your call below so we can get you feeling better.

When you book your call we will discuss what program of treatment could be best for you.  If you are local then you will be able to have face-to-face sessions.

Otherwise, Victoria will work online with you.  Working remotely on Video calls, Victoria has successfully helped people internationally including in America and New Zealand as well as throughout the UK.


Clinical Massage is used in clinic, although it is effective to teach self-treatment online

AIM – Anatomy In Motion is taught using the Get Into Your Body Methodology in easy to learn practices, for immediate pain reduction and improvement in mobility or optimum sport performance

Systematic Kinesiology allows Victoria to assess your nutritional deficiencies and muscle weaknesses.  This gives her an accurate understanding of what is keeping you sick or in pain.  Together we will create a recovery program for you which will also address any lack of energy or emotional stress.

Gait Analysis & Postural Realignment – So much pain and disease is caused by joints and muscles in your body becoming immobile and stuck.  Your brain may have completely forgotten how to create strong alignment and powerful support in your body.  Look no further, we are going to remind and recalibrate every joint and muscle you have, so you can feel free and move easily!

Theta Healing and The Ixchel DNA Pain Relief System – This is an extremely powerful process to help release pain and trauma relating to grief, anxiety, depression or challenges in relationships or life experiences.  Unattended to, these experiences often progress into chronic physical pain and disease.