The Ixchel System Programmes

Let’s make feeling well easier and simpler.  

Whether your challenge is driven by work, relationship breakdown, grief or life changing illness,  I am going to help you reduce the stress of your pain, illness and lack of energy, by giving you the tools, guides, courses and books I made from my own healing journey and that of 1000’s of clients.

Eliminate Physical Pain Conditions Fast

Relieve Chronic Disease

Resolve Trauma, Anxiety and Depression Using Embodiment Practices

Create Optimum Health & Resilience

Understand Essential Nutrition

Spring Into Action Workbook
66 Day Planner

Price £28

Declutter your mind and your home; review your nutrition; uplevel your self-care; create excellent boundaries and nourishing relationships!  This 66 Day Planner will be your companion and creating sustainable energy and healthy action!

Essential Nutrition Kit

Pricing £400

Essential Nutrition is not just about what you eat.  It is more about how well your body is able to digest and absorb.   Understanding how your unique body responds to the food you eat is an essential key to your optimum health. .

Jaw Pain Relief Kit

Price £99

TMJ, grinding teeth, constant tension.  In this program you will receive practical tools to release your pain, as well as learn relaxation techniques to prevent it in the future.

Get Into Your Body Methodology Level 1 & 2

Price £350

Release chronic pain and improve connection and mobility with Postural and Gait Realignment.  Regulate trauma and move more easily with these 48 Embodiment practices to align and release every joint and muscle in your body.

Back Pain Relief Kit

Please get in contact for price

Combining Get Into Your Body with the tools to support your emotional and nutritional health, this programme is designed to help you understand what is causing your back pain, and how to prevent its return!

The Relief Programme

Price: £1800 for 6 Months, or £3500 for 12 Months 

A Step By Step System to resolve Work Stress, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME, and other long-term health challenges.

The Revive Programme

Price £450

Tools to help rebuild your energy and resilience.  Whether your work or personal life impacting your health and wellbeing

Foot Pain Relief Kit

Price: £99

Plantar Fasciitis, or recovery from injury. Using the Get Into Your Body Methodology, welcome to the most important step you will take in resolving your foot pain.

Ixchel DNA Pain Relief System

Price: £499

Resolve anxiety, depression, low energy or addiction.  Discover what blocks you emotionally, stops you from moving on in your life, or feeling happy in relationships