'Get your Life back'
Fibromyalgia Recovery Program
also for ME/CFS, Potts & long-term chronic illness

‘From foggy brain to much less pain’!

Mental Clarity and Physical Freedom

‘Now I get to wake up from a good nights sleep, pain free, content and ready to have an energised and happy day with the people I love.’

(Also for ME/CFS & Potts and other longterm chronic pain and disease)

You’ve tried EVERYTHING! But you’re you are just sick and tired of being sick and tired.

You want to understand exactly what’s triggering your chronic fatigue, foggy brain and pain, and why Fibromyalgia symptoms impact your whole body. 

As well as why it happening specifically to someone like you.  I am going to show you exactly why you are such high risk to your illness and the traits that make you susceptible to this, when others are not.

Does this sound like you?

(I am really sorry that you are going through this, and that your ‘normal’ is literaly a living nightmare!)

  • Your chronic fatigue syndrome means you wake up like you haven’t even had slept
  •  Fibromyalgia sleep disturbance or mental exhaustion is a daily recurring burden for you.


  • Brain fog symptoms where your memory just doesn’t function when you need it to
  • Your head is aching or dizzy.
  • Feeling sick, painful bladder, and flare-ups of joint pain (especially in the morning) are simply a regular part of life
  • Restless leg syndrome when you lie down 
  • It’s just a constant list of problems


  • You’re tired of wasting time, money, and energy on methods that give you minimal to zero results. 
  • The frustration of being productive for a few days, only to have another flare-up send you backwards again.
  • Going to work is hard or impossible, creating a feeling of despair. 
  • Caring for your children or other loved ones, is so difficult that you constantly wish you could do better
  • Or even wish they would all disappear so you can just collapse in a heap


You’ve tried a ton of different medications and therapies but you’re simply NOT seeing the results. 

  • You feel desperately misunderstood by those around you
  • It feels impossible to explain how you feel or what you are going through.
  • You’ve lost hope that anything is ever going to makes things better
  • You wish someone would just guide you
  • It’s so confusing trying to work out what you should do
  • Living with the fact that this could be how the rest of your life is going to be lived causes you even more depression

So, you are in a very deep well of bad health, and you need a helping hand to get you back on safer ground.

What if I said I have a solution for you?

I am not promising to fix you, but I am promising to dramatically improve things for you, as I have done with so many people challenged by illness and pain

The Ixchel System Relief Program will:

  • Immediately help to reduce and give you freedom from high levels of pain
  • Calm your stress levels so you get to have a good nights sleep
  • Create a structure to act as scaffolding to support you while you heal
  • Give you a community, who will be doing the journey of recovery by your side

You're not alone

I can help you with your illness because...

Chronic illness hit me in my teens resulting in a life-changing nervous breakdown at 18, and a life-threatenting physical breakdown at 20.

I battled symptoms like insomnia, chronic anaemia, chronic fatigue, deep depression, anxiety, digestive problems, learning and cognitive problems (that destroyed my ability to study), which plagued my teenage development.

Emotional and Physical Exhaustion

Eventually, I became critically ill, being told not to move because I was on the verge of being in a coma.   I was finally diagnosed with Coeliac Disease.  By now, I was years behind in my education, and felt a world away from my peers.

For years I had been treated like hypochondriac and felt like an awful person, when actually I was very ill.

Misdiagnosis of symptoms

The medical establishment misdiagnosed me for years,  they had focused on my symptoms, rather than looking for a deeper cause.   Reliant on doctors and unfortunately, it took me nearly dying to get to the truth.  However, it was also the medical world that finally informed me and I am deeply grateful for this.

My own journey, like yours and that of my clients has shown me how different types of people present different symptoms, and then have a tendency towards specific diseases, however, the causes or triggers that make you susceptible to any illness are often similar.

In my case, as a very young adult, to recuperate, I had to learn about my body, about nutrition, and how regulating the way I react (understanding my nervous system), was essential to being able to study,  work, and also function in relationships and socially.

Family History

When I was 25 my father’s suicide following his own parents suicides when I was 8 and 16, meant that my journey around shock, trauma and ill health and been constant and was far from over.  I struggled with addiction, self-medicating my way through life with nowhere and no-one to guide me.

I then travelled to India, and put myself under Tibetan Doctors, and there began my learning and dedication to stay alive and be healthy.

From learning about realigning my skeleton, (Gait & Biomechanics) to releasing pain from connective tissue and muscles.  To energy work releasing and reprogramming, my thoughts and responses.  To 12 Step Recovery for substance abuse and codependency.

It took years of self-inquiry and moving from one healing modality to another, to understand the connection between the legacy and shock of my difficult life experiences, as well as many others, and the impact they had on my emotional and physical body. 

Can you relate to this?

The impact of inheriting and absorbing chronic stress from the people, places, and things that surround you is very real. 

Dealing with those suicides has been VERY hard BUT these experiences have continuously been my motivation to heal and break free from the pattern of being unable to resolve physical and emotional disease and turmoil.

Now aged 51, I have 26 years of experience of health recovery.  So after spending half my life investigating and applying physical and emotional pain relief treatment, I can assure you of the following……..

There is no one glove that fits all when it comes to healing.

We have to establish where YOU need to start.  What is your primary body system that is out of balance and how to relieve the pressure that triggered this to happen? 

Investigating your history

Is your disease physical, emotional, nutritional, or spiritual?

Could the relationship you have with yourself or with others be causing you stress that creates your pain and disease?  

Are certain environments or events, increasing stress or helping release your dis-ease.

In the end, YOU need to learn how your body responds and how to reprogram your thinking, access your nervous system responses (how you react to life), and realign your movement patterns to allow your body to function with fluidity and flow!

Over 20 years ago healing became my career, and my first most important client was myself.  However, I am honoured and privileged to have helped hundreds of clients recover one-to-one in my Ixchel Therapies Clinic. .

During this time life never stopped throwing curve balls, so I have always had to keep targeting and shifting pain.   There is no end point, there is simply learning how to use tools to navigate your inner body and outer world one day at a time, no matter what happens.


What is the Ixchel System?

I have integrated the processes and healing strategies I have implemented in my own life, and one-to-one with clients, into The Ixchel System Relief Program which will enable you to use this step-by-step system to create your own healing journey.


A Pioneering Program for Profound Results

This is a pioneering program that comprehensively excavates and digs into every part of your physical, emotional and spiritual body, at a pace that is right for you.

I am going to help you join up the dots……


For three years I studied how pain sits in your body and gained a degree in clinical massage

You will also benefit from my ability to read your body with Gait Analysis and Systematic Kinesiology, Understanding the way your body moves and functions is key to your recovery.  We can do this  face to face or via online teleconferencing to assess and help you realign all aspects of your emotional and physical health.


Essential Nutrition

I am going to simplify how your diet plays a role in everything you need to do and make sure your digestive system is improving your health.

First we need to check you Gut Health to see if you can actually absorb what you are eating?

Unconscious programming causing illness

Also due to my experience of childhood and adult trauma treatment, you will gain from my skill of how to track, identify and release inherited genetic patterns that could be causing disease and weakness in you right now.  

So you can identify your unconscious patterns in your movement and your subconscious responses that are keeping you stuck and in pain. 

It’s a thing, it is real, and no medical doctor is looking for it! However, epigenetic syndromes, (which are where we inherit trauma through are cell memories) is now scientifically proven.

How would you like to do this for yourself, but we will be on the journey together.

If I could take you through the very system I created for myself, my clients and now for you.  Your body is actually a simple organism, but we need to neutralise your pain, and release the cause of it.  I am going to help you do exactly that.   

In every pain condition that I have come across, there is a cause and a solution!  When the pain releases there is space, lightness and power. 

You are then going to learn how to harness this space and power to rebuild and cherish yourself and your life.

Imagine the Possibility

What if I told you there was a better way?

Imagine if total recovery is possible.  Just for a moment, I want you to give yourself permission to imagine what it will feel like when you’ve achieved the health result you want. 

You have discovered and you know exactly how to stop a flare-up in its tracks, you are in control and you feel confident to plan and look forward to going on holiday, or spending precious time with your family, knowing you will have energy, and be able to hold a conversation without feeling like you need to pretend you are ok.  You finally know what it is to smile and mean it!

Your life before The Relief Program:

Your life after The Relief Program:


The Relief Program - Get Your Life Back

From Foggy Brain To Much Less Pain 

Realign – Reprogram – Recover


The Relief Program

Here's What You'll Learn

Immediate results with the combination of pioneering one-to-one sessions, live group workshops and online modules designed to target, reduce or resolve your physical and emotional pain and chronic fatigue or flare-ups of your disease.

This program will teach you to reclaim your sense of power and give you the tools to connect with your true source and heal.

Choose your ‘VIP’, ‘Group’ or ‘Learn at your own pace’  program.

Get in touch so we can establish what is best for you right now!

Module 1

Get Into Your Body Methodology

Bones – Muscles – Joints

Feel more balanced and supported when you correctly connect your body to the support of the ground beneath your feet. 

Experience how gravity has the potential to create heaviness and compression or lightness and flow around areas of your pain, and you will learn how to move between the two. 

This is an online zoom 7 Week Process where your posture will be continuously assessed and realigned.

Your joints and muscles the opportunity to relieve inflammation and pressure.  It is the foundation for all the other modules in the Relief Program.

Module 2

The Ixchel DNA Pain Relief System

Feelings – Emotions – Relationships

Relating to yourself and people, places and things around you this process is designed to target emotional habits and negative beliefs that keep you stuck.

It will help you to identify, target and move out stress from your body relating to:

  • Overcoming the Pain of Grief and Loss
  • Disturbing experiences you have had in the past
  • Difficult relationship issues past and present
  • Challenges with letting go of anger or fear
  • Ruminating on a particular area of your life
  • An addiction that feels unmanageable
  • Inherited patterns and characteristics that create recurring familial distress

Module 3

The Body & E-Motion

Physical Feelings – Reactions – Nerves

Somatic experiencing (feeling into your body) will enable you to connect with how anger, fear, joy, love, plus many other emotions either open up or contract and compress your joints and muscles.  Therefore aggravating, or easing tension and pain.

You are going to learn how to regulate your autonomic nervous system, using the polyvagal theory and integrate this with Get Into Your Body Methodology, this will ease the levels of stress hormones and toxic chemicals in your body, and reduce pain and inflammation.

Module 4

essential nutrition

Gut Health – Energy Levels – Nerves – Hormones

Understand how food or supplements can play a fantastic part in your recovery and treatment.

In this Module, we are literally going to treat you like a car.

What do you need for a healthy body?

What do you need to fuel you?

What do you need if you start to rust?

What happens if you drive too fast?

What happens if you hardly switch on your engine?

Module 4

66 Day Planner

Environment – Habits – Patterns

A 90 Day Program to help you regulate your diet, declutter your home and your mind, as well as put in place the habits and patterns required for optimum health and recovery from your disease.

Bonuses (value £500)

Enroll now and you'll also get these 3 bonus trainings totally FREE!


Eliminating Common & Chronic Pain eBook

This eBook is an introduction to self-treatment.  You will learn about how to find trigger points in your muscles give you pain. How to find them and how to 


Eliminating Foot Paint eBook

This eBook will explain why foot pain is so common.  It will give you information on nutrition that helps to relieve foot pain inflammation.  It will  also explain how improving the way you walk can remedy conditions like plantar fasciitis.


Mindfulness Body Scans

These Mindfulness Practices will give you immediate insight into what is happening inside your body.  They will take you through each area of your body and help you identify where you have areas in your back shoulders, neck or even you feet, that are restricting your movemet and keeping tension in your body.

Plus, You'll also get

The support you will have access to throughout your program

Live Group Call

You will have access to weekly group health accountability sessions

Facebook Group

There will be a WhatsApp & Facebook Group to keep you updated

Workbook & Checklist

You will have weekly checklists as well as your 90 Recovery Workbook

That’s a Total Value of over £4,000

Choose the plan + save when you buy in full!

One payment of


Six monthly payments of


Overwork and underpaid, I was exhausted and disheartened.  With the help of the Revive Program, I am now feeling energised and supported in all areas of my life.


I had no idea what to expect when Victoria encouraged me to try her The Ixchel DNA Pain Relief system. I was surprised at how it immediately helped me identify stuck emotion and memories that I had completely forgotten about. Once I connected with the tension from these experiences I safely and easily felt my body letting go of years of tension. I was astonished to see how new and good things began to happen in my life! I also always feel energised and restored after using the specific modules relating to any specific pain or challenge that I have.

Kate Pullen - Director

I have struggled with Burnout and Fibromyalgia for 10 years, so I was astonished to find that simply learning the Get Into Your Body Process and experiencing how to realign my feet, legs, and pelvis correctly with my upper body, I was immediately able to release compression on my muscles and joints. I finally understand how I was actually creating my pain and exhaustion. Now I know  exactly how to reduce or relieve it.

Suzanne Murdock - Founder of a Coworking space

Is the Relief Program for me?

This is perfect for you if:

This is not for you if:

Here’s what happens when you buy

Get Into Your Body

You will immediately receive the 7 week Get Into Your Body Course so you can get going before the weekly Live Online Workshops begin


Schedule your private sessions and record your Gait Video to begin your realignment process with Victoria 

Get immediate access to weekly online workshops

Health Accountability Sessions, Ixchel DNA Pain Relief Sessions, The 90 Day Pan

Meet Your Therapist

Hello, I am Victoria

For many years of my life I was in pain; misdiagnosed Coeliac Disease left me in agony and unable to function.  Meanwhile, generations of family trauma meant that anxiety and depression were never far away.  The medical world had failed me.

Then on a trip to India, I discovered the healing power of so called alternative medicine and began for the first time to connect my body’s pain with my life experience.

Fast forward 25 years and I am a Brighton, UK,  based qualified therapist specialising in Bodywork and Mobility and I have helped hundreds of people recover from acute and chronic pain or illness.

I am so thankful to have been able to reclaim my health and I would love to help you reclaim yours.

I know work with people online internationally, training and coaching people to realign the structure and energy of their body, to reduce, or eliminate emotional and physical pain, as well as improve energy levels.

Btec Level 6 (Degree Level) in Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage
Course Provider - CPD Accreditation for Get Into Your Body Methodology
Member of FHT
Systematic Kinesiology
Mindfulness Instructor & Workplace Wellbeing Coach
Anatomy In Motion - Biomechanics
Medical Acupuncture

Frequently Asked Questions

You can begin the program at any point.  A lot of the material is on the online platform.  The One-to-ones are available when you wish to have them

You will have lifetime access to the material as it stands.

However we will be updating courses and programs and we can not guarantee you will have access to updated material.

The Ixchel System combines learning, practices and tools, from muscular-skeletal, somatic, emotional, nutritional and energy systems in your body.  Therefore, you will be working with all your body systems at once, to create coherence throughout every aspect of your body and mind.

We are confident that you will be happy with your decision.  However, you have 30 days to change your mind, by which time you will have had plenty of time to get the flavour of the material.

You can get a refund within 30 days.  This does not include one-to-one sessions, and group courses.  It relates to the online courses and learning materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can begin the program at any point.  A lot of the material is on the online platform.  The One-to-ones are available when you wish to have them

You will have lifetime access to the material as it stands.

However we will be updating courses and programs and we can not guarantee you will have access to updated material.

The Ixchel System combines learning, practices and tools, from muscular-skeletal, somatic, emotional, nutritional and energy systems in your body.  Therefore, you will be working with all your body systems at once, to create coherence throughout every aspect of your body and mind.

We are confident that you will be happy with your decision.  However, you have 30 days to change your mind, by which time you will have had plenty of time to get the flavour of the material.

You can get a refund within 30 days.  This does not include one-to-one sessions, and group courses.  It relates to the online courses and learning materials.

Ready to get result like these?

Choose the plan + save when you buy in full!

One payment of


Six monthly payments of


Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

I love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about the Online Course Name. You can email us directly at support@email.com to get in touch and we’ll return the favor within 48 business hours.

From foggy brain, to much less pain!

It's time to Heal for Real

Realign * Reprogram * Recover

Your Chance

Does pain wake you in bed, or make you struggle to move or function with basic day to day activities like simply picking up a bag, or getting off the sofa.

Whislt your mind makes you feel as if you are making it up, or exaggerating your discomfort.

If this is you, then you need to give yourself the Chance to heal!

Your Tribe

Have you got to a point where you feel so isolated and that no-one can identify with you, or relate to what you are going through. 

When you most need help, you are least able to ask or even feel like you deserve it.

If this is you, then you need your Tribe

Your Recovery

Is it chaos and unmanageable just to get through your day?

Are you wanting a structured program to help to lift you up when you are down.

A program that will literally support you to stand on your own two feet, in your power and shine a bright light on your darkness that’s burying you alive.

Your opportunity, take the chance, join your tribe, commit to your Recovery.

Your Energy

Your Wounding

Your Potential

Your Skeletal System
- connect and realign -

Your Muscular System
- mobilise and release -

Your Nervous System
- calm and regulate -

Understanding and connecting with your body is your first step in your Relief Program

Join the next course of Get Into Your Body Workshops.  Now taking place online;  it’s an exciting opportunity to learn as a group from your own home.  There will be a maximum of 6 participants.  I have been running sessions one-one online and doing FaceBook Lives and it has proved to be a fantastic medium for teaching people.

The way you body moves is made up of biomechanics, and there is an ideal alignment and sense of timing that your different joints need to be able to access.  Even if one joint gets stuck, or confused, it has a knock-on impact on every other joint in your body.  This then interferes with the flexibility of your muscles, which in turn puts pressure on your nervous system and the blood flow and toxin release in your body.

So the first thing we need to do, is help you get each joint moving correctly in three directions, backwards and forwards, side to side, and rotating.  You will quickly identify where this is missing in your pelvis, spine, ribcage, neck or even your feet.  As you begin to get your body back into alignment, you will notice how pain begins to subside and your feel happier and more supported in your body.

Your muscles are attached to your joints, so once we have assessed and put correct movement back into your joints and overall biomechanics, your muscles can spiral, rotate, engage and release correctly.  This will bring oxygen and circulation into the area, and help reduce inflammation, and ease pain.

However we need to guide your muscels and help your brain remember how to do this, by reminding your body of the experience and sensations of movements your body has forgotten to access.  You want a spring effect, in every muscle fibre in your body to remind each muscle to fully contract and fully release.

Why your muscles need to spring into action to release pain.

For a muscle to be strong it needs to be able to contract but it also needs to be able to fully release.  Imagine a wire spring, if it is not fully compressed, it can’t bounce back with power.  This is the same with every muscle in your body.  If your joints are not fully accessing every range the are designed to access, stretching and compressing then they can’t facilitate your dynamic muscle movements.

This is not about doing big exercises, and forcing anything.  Actually, you will be so suprised to see how tiny movements can feel deeper and stronger in your muscles, than exercises you may have been doing for years.

This is where Get Into Your Body Level 1   is key to the foundation of your Relief Program