Why can't I get better?

Why does nothing I do seem to help?

Why do other people get well but I am stuck?

From Information to Transformation

Heal Your Body

How the Trauma Loop Hurts Your Body

With Victoria Jahkeline Salomon 72 Mins

What’s taking place in your mind and body, has an impact on everything in your life.  Your relationships, health, career and sense of self worth.  This means that when you struggle to function, parts of your life are in a state of overload.  If you have a history of a Trauma or chronic illness, or you are trying to manage your pain, then this masterclass could be the beginning of you truly realising why you are stuck in this loop of pain or trauma.

Part Two

Part Three

What keeps your body in a chronic maladjusted stress response?

With Victoria Jahkeline Salomon 86 mins 

In this second video, Victoria will be going into detail about how your state of stress creates a cycle of emotional  and physical pain.  Leaving you living in a downward spiral where your body is powerless and unable to reset itself.  You will begin to identify exactly why you are unable to break your pain cycle and how you need to break it.

How to heal your body and relaunch your health

With Victoria Jahkeline Salomon 62 mins 

In the third video Victoria will introduce the RELIEF methodology for healing your emotional and physical trauma, and relaunching your body into health.  You will also hear about Victoria’s new Online Course, the Relief Program.