Why can't I get better?

Why does nothing I do seem to help?

Why do other people get well but I am stuck?

From Information to Transformation

Heal Your Body

How to heal your body and relaunch your health

With Victoria Jahkeline Salomon 62 mins 

In the third video, Victoria will introduce the RELIEF methodology for healing your emotional and physical trauma, and relaunching your body into health.  You will also hear about Victoria’s new Online Course, the Relief Program.   

Part Two

Part Three

How the Trauma Loop Hurts Your Body

With Victoria Jahkeline Salomon 72 Mins

What’s taking place in your mind and body, has an impact on everything in your life.  Your relationships, health, career and sense of self worth.  This means that when you struggle to function, parts of your life are in a state of overload.  If you have a history of a Trauma or chronic illness, or you are trying to manage your pain, then this masterclass could be the beginning of you truly realising why you are stuck in this loop of pain or trauma.

What are people saying about The Relief Program?

What keeps your body in a chronic maladjusted stress response?

With Victoria Jahkeline Salomon 86 mins 

In this second video, Victoria will be going into detail about how your state of stress creates a cycle of emotional  and physical pain.  Leaving you living in a downward spiral where your body is powerless and unable to reset itself.  You will begin to identify exactly why you are unable to break your pain cycle and how you need to break it.


I had a great experience with you tonight, it may be the first time in months I feel thoughtless like this. I felt so disconnected and moved to another world and this felt amazing like no thoughts, stress, sights and all those conversations that happening inside my head over and over!
I believe that this is the feeling that I was looking for for along time and found it with you tonight and when did I connect again but what I’m sure of is the great feeling of releasing all those stress and my muscles felt released and relaxed too
Thank you so much for this session


 I will be honest, I was a little apprehensive with all the many different parts to the programme as I feared I could slide into familiar chaos and miss the message.

However … I was literally blown away by the carefully thought through structure, pace, depth and intensity of the process.

I arrived at the session a ball of pain. After the powerful meditation I realised all pain had left my body.

I have struggled with a life time of trauma, pre-verbal in origin, and so for me there is no quick fix but just continual reminder of the love and connection of Source and the commitment of people like you.

Thank you to all in Revive Tribe. It is always such an honour to witness, support and learn from other people who are willing to share their vulnerably. I am holding the group and most particularly Frances in my thoughts and meditations this week. With love ❤️


At my one to one with Victoria this morning I just broke down with grief for long held trauma (which I thought had all been dealt with a long time ago) and a belief that ‘I always choose the wrong people’ hence why I have been ‘let down’ so much and hence why I have chosen to be on my own so much.

I just realised that in joining this group I have finally made a start to ‘choose the right people’ at long last haha and this makes me very happy.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of the course holds in store for all of us. Sending everyone positive thoughts and especially Frances. Thanks again Victoria xxx


Such a mind blowing session yesterday.

I felt so much better as well today. My numbers were very very low with little motivation and I felt so much more vibrant today.

I started my new part time job as well as running my business and although I feel pretty exhausted now, I felt very productive today.

What a difference a day makes!S


I think the key thing for me is learning to manage my pain.

I realise it will always be there to an extent as will the tiredness but this has really enabled me to to nip it in the bud and stop it from worsening for weeks on end.

Pelvic and hip pain was chronic and although I still get it the stretching and movement def gives relief and if you have fibromyalgia you’ll know that by relieving pain even temporarily allows you to conserve that energy that can you can lose so quickly. X


A really good experience in how to come to terms with how my body should work and how to understand what is happening and how to overcome many difficulties that I have been experiencing.

A really good opportunity to share with others so many different things. A worthwhile time was spent going through all the program with everyone..

‘It’s Expansive’

“A gentle and extensive course of self knowledge and connection with a Tribe of like minded people”