Resilience Recharge and Revive

Resilience – Recharge and Revive 

  • Using basic neurobiology this session provides an understanding of how the brain works when someone is resilient and how to cultivate this ability. 
  • We have all been using a lot of mental energy to adapt to the covid situation. Working from home, communicating with stakeholders in a very different way, juggling childcare with work, managing everyone’s expectations and for some experiencing isolation and loneliness, all of this has been draining our inner battery. 
  • Some people are more resilient than others, but resilience is something that we can all build and must maintain. Resilience is our inner battery! 
  • It is crucial that we recharge our inner battery so that we can keep going, maintaining not only our performance in the workplace but also our mental and physical health. This webinar is a one-hour power charge of the inner battery to allow us to keep on going through this transition, feeling refreshed, in control and energised.  
  • The session or webinar explains what resilience is from a scientific perspective. People learn about how stress and uncertainties impact it. After the webinar, people will have the opportunity to identify their energy leaks and depleting activities. They will also find out how to keep calm, maintain their energy levels, and optimise their cognitive functions. 
  • Participants will learn about how they can take care of themselves and get more energy. They will also learn how to be more optimistic and motivated.  
  • We recommend this session to be booked with our workshop for Managers. This will help them learn how to make their team more resilient. 

 Key Outputs 

  • This session provides an understanding of the neurobiology of resilience and how to cultivate it. 
  • Identifies what drains energy and provides fast and efficient techniques to restore a positive energy and outlook 
  • Provides strategies to manage negative thoughts and create feelings of control. 
  • Cultivates optimism