Self-Care In Difficult Times

Key Outputs 

  • Fosters self-compassion and awareness of the natural human response to tough times
  • Provides reassurance and guidance on how to navigate tough periods of life
  • Shares practical strategies to immediately boost wellbeing and calm
  • Fosters shared connection and understanding amongst the group

More Information

Provides a road map for navigating times of stress, loss and change. 

Self-care can be tricky at the best of times, but in the midst of life’s challenges, right when we need it the most, it can feel beyond reach. This workshop shows how to bring nourishing skills and practices into daily life even in greatest periods of squeeze. Despite the difficulties, the responsibilities and the emotional rollercoaster, there are things that we can do that will make a difference. 

By identifying the skills and practices that help us navigate stress, loss and change this workshop helps participants through and out the other side. The workshops explains what self-care is in relation to coping and restoring from life’s challenges, and provides a greater understanding of what constitutes ‘tough times’ and what a ‘normal’ response looks like. 

The workshop teaches skills that help us navigate periods of loss, stress and change and strategies that help to access calm, peace and clarity. This practical toolkit includes movement, massage, stretches, breathing and mantras to help us express and move through our feelings in a safe and healthy way. 

Participants will leave the workshop with their own roadmap for self-care for tough times.