Terms and Conditions 

Terms and conditions for the use of the Ixchel Therapies, The Ixchel System, and Ixchel Workplace Wellbeing Website and course bookings both through the website or direct through our office. 

Within these terms the use of we, our, us refers to Ixchel Therapies, The Ixchel System and Ixchel Workplace Wellbeing Courses 

You must read these Terms and Conditions carefully before placing an order for any course, as requested on booking, either through our office or by using the Site. By using the Site, and/or placing an order with us directly or through the Site, you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to these Terms and Conditions in their entirety. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions in their entirety, you must not order any product or service through our office, or otherwise use the Site. The Terms and Conditions may be changed in the future without further notice. 



You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Ixchel System® and Ixchel Therapies®, its parents, subsidiaries, shareholders, officers, directors, employees, agents, and suppliers from any claim, action, demand, loss, or damages (including legal fees) made or incurred by any third party arising out of or relating to your use of the Site, your violation of these Terms and Conditions, or your violation of any rights of a third party. 

Whilst reasonable care is taken to ensure that the information contained on this website is accurate, we cannot guarantee its accuracy and we reserve the right to change the information on this website (including these terms and conditions) at any time without notice. You must check these terms and conditions for changes each time you intend to use this website. 

Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability 

This site and all information, content, materials, products (including software) and services included on or otherwise made available to you through this site are provided by The Ixchel System® on an “as is” and “as available” basis unless otherwise specified in writing. The Ixchel System® makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the operation of this site or the information, content, materials, products (including software) or services included on or otherwise made available to you through this site, unless otherwise specified in writing. You expressly agree that your use of this site is at your sole risk. 

The Ixchel System® will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of this site or from any information, content, materials, products (including software) or services included on or otherwise made available to you through this site, including, but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, and consequential damages, unless otherwise specified in writing. 

We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. 

We may update or amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time to comply with the law or to meet our changing business requirements without notice to you. Any updates or amendments will be posted on the Site.  

These Terms and Conditions supersede any other terms and conditions previously published by us and any other representations or statements made by us to you, whether oral, written or otherwise. We may assign, transfer or sub-contract any of our rights or obligations under these Terms and Conditions to any third party at our discretion. No delay by us in exercising any right or remedy under these Terms and Conditions shall operate as a waiver of that right or remedy or shall affect our ability to subsequently exercise that right or remedy. Any waiver must be agreed by us in writing. 


Cancellation/Transfer Policy: 

Ixchel complies with the distance selling law. 

Once you have booked onto a physical in person course, that does not contain downloadable materials and paid the fee to secure your place for your course, you have 14 days to change your mind  after this all workshops and courses are non refundable as per the distance selling law. 

For courses where online materials are released for download on purchase different rules apply, 

  • Once you the customer is given access to any of the online downloads and streamed content though your members area you will lose your 14 day right to cancel any course  
  • By purchasing a blending learning course you are aware that this includes instant and automated downloads 

All courses must be paid in full on booking. Payment plans are only available on request and by special arrangement in special circumstances. Should you book and confirm your place on any course, with the benefit of a payment plan, and then decide at a later date to not partake in that course, for any reason, the full amount will become immediately due and payable at the point of cancellation. 

Your course materials will be made available to you via your members area once full payment is received as agreed. This includes FULL course materials including all theory modules and full descriptions of any practical elements through our comprehensive course manuals and/or videos.  

Once your course materials have been released to you via the members area and you have been given notice of access to those materials, even if there are further elements to be delivered, for example live trainings, transfer to another course or refund is no longer possible . We may consider transferring your place to a later date or extending your access to the materials only by special arrangement.  

All materials remain  the property of Ixchel Therapies and The Ixchel System and Online Training® and are available to you for your own single use on licence during the course of your practice only and not for any other purpose including teaching or the delivery of training courses in any way. 

Your course materials are made available to you for your personal use only and for download through the website. These materials include full audios, pdf’s, videos and other resources. Access to the materials is available for online combination learning courses  for a period of 12 months from purchase. Smaller programs may have access of 3 or 6 months and these will be detailed in your program We reserve the right to exclude access after this date.  It is advised therefore that you download the materials for your own personal use and store them safely for future reference. 

It is the users responsibility to ensure you have the necessary equipment and software to access and use your materials through the site. 

The use of these materials is strictly limited to the registered user on our site or within any course we teach elsewhere in person or through other platforms for learning. These shall not be copied modified, reproduced, distributed, republished,  performed, displayed, posted, transmitted, sold, or made into derivative works in any form or by any means. Breach of this terms will result in removal from the course without refund and potential legal action under UK copyright law. 

We offer no guarantees that the materials are free of viruses, inaccuracies, or other possible harmful issues. We will not be held liable for any cost incurred from the use of these materials, which is the registered users responsibility. 

We endeavour to provide a smooth seamless delivery of our services via the website. We will not be held liable for interruption to any of our services due to conditions beyond our control. This may include but is not limited to technical issues, server downtime, power outages, maintenance, and force majeure (see below) 

Where possible, in extenuating circumstances, depending on course numbers and dates allowing, For in person courses we may be able to transfer your place to another date should one be available. This will be on a case by case basis and is not guaranteed. 

All requested changes to workplace wellbeing workshops or course bookings must be notified in writing with a minimum 6 weeks notice. Should a transfer be available, this will incur a fee of £75 

We ask that you give us at least six weeks notice for any cancellations/transfers as we may have full modules with waiting lists, and may be able to offer your place elsewhere. 

However should your request to transfer then take the course below the minimum required number to run we will be unable to transfer your place out of fairness to other students.  

In case of illness or emergency you should contact us to discuss as soon as possible. 

If we are unable to allow a transfer as detailed above, or should you fail to attend a module you may attend another date. However be aware this will then be charged as a new module. This may also affect the date of your next module if your course is part of a series. 

We will not be held liable for any cancellation on our side due to events beyond our reasonable control. We will however work with the students and organisations to find a resolution that is fair to both the school, student and organization. This may include offering a place on another course or workshop at a date to be confirmed in the future. 

Where course delivery has changed from in person to online and blended learning, cancellation for online courses Is not possible once acceptance of the online format has been accepted. 

Force Majeure Event 

Should we be delayed in or prevented from delivering any courses at the agreed date/time/place due to an event of force majeure, we will not be deemed liable for any refund/ costs/loss or damage incurred. Such events may include but are not limited to: 

Fire, flood, casualty, lockout, strike, labour disputes, industrial action of any kind, unavoidable accident, breakdown of equipment, national calamity or riot, communicable disease, pandemic or epidemic, Act of God, acts or threats of terrorism, the enactment of any Act of Parliament or the act of any other legally constituted authority, disruption or outage of communications, power or other utility, labour problem, government recommendations, any cause or event arising out of or attributable to war, or any other cause or event (whether of a similar or dissimilar nature) outside the control of the parties other than a shortage or lack of money. 

On our side, if for any reason we are forced to cancel, and only where possible, we will offer you a place on another course or workshop, once the force majeure event has passed.  

We will endeavour to minimise and reduce any period of suspension of delivery of courses occasioned by any of such events. 

We may offer to transfer your course to a different delivery structure eg online blended learning at no additional cost to you. Once you have accepted the new delivery method in writing refunds will not be possible. 

Please note: we will not be liable for any other costs incurred from the cancellation including but not limited to travel and accommodation. 

We therefore strongly recommend that you defer booking travel and accommodation until you have confirmation that the course is going ahead.  

Even then we strongly advise always booking with terms which allow late cancellation of accommodation as far as 24 hours before. It is your responsibility to check the terms and conditions of your own booking. We offer this only as a suggestion and will not be held responsible for any issues with accommodation bookings. 

Please note that booking your course and/or commencement of your payment plan will be deemed acceptance of the terms and conditions in this contract. 

Covid 19: 

As from the 21st of March 2020 due to circumstances beyond our control i.e. the government lockdown all in person elements of our courses were postponed pending government guidelines. we have monitored the situation closely and will be guided by the government directive. 

In light of this and when necessary we are offering free transfers of your place for all in person sections of your courses to a date to be determined or alternatively have transferred delivery of the course to a blended learning online format. Acceptance of the blended learning format will be deemed as full delivery of the course and no in person training will be offered other than the live online sessions as indicated 

If any of your practical days of your course or workplace workshops have been postponed or you have not yet started any practical sessions, you will be invited to choose a new in person workshop session start date. This start date will be the start of or the continuation of your practical lessons of the course.  

As we know more, we will update all of our learners, giving everyone the best chance to fit new dates into their diary.  

We thank you for your kind continued support and all the good wishes we have had from so many of our students and organisations.  

In return for your kind understanding we will do our best to support our learners in new and innovative ways during the Covid-19 Pandemic situation  

Creating new online courses to help you manage and develop your business 

Offering online training sessions to continue your studies for the courses you have booked through online support, 

We have offered additional online training sessions for postponed courses both recorded and live online face to face instruction at no additional cost.  

We will keep you informed and give notice in writing of our intention to change the course delivery method. You have 14 days from that notice to inform us if you do not wish to go ahead with the new delivery method. Should you be offered to transfer your training course from in person to an online format and you fail to notify us of any objection to this change your course will revert to the new format. 

You will not be eligible for any cancellation or refund once you are informed of the transfer and do not object within 14 days including where you are subsequently granted access to the new online training. 

Please note that other original online courses are not subject to any time extensions as they are not face to face courses so their original time frame remains unchanged. 

Our efforts have been well received and we thank you for your continued understanding as we all navigate this difficult time 

Copyright and Trademarks 

All Site materials, including, without limitation, Get Into Your Body Level 1 & Level 2® and The Ixchel DNA Pain Relief System® product logos, design, text, graphics, software, other files, and the selection and arrangement thereof (the “Content”) are Copyright ® 2000-2022 The Ixchel System Training® and Get into Your Body Methodology® . ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Ixchel Therapies® and The Ixchel System® and Get Into Your Body Therapy ® or its suppliers or licensors own and retain other proprietary rights in all products available through the Site. Except as stated herein, none of the Content may be copied, modified, reproduced, distributed, republished, downloaded, performed, displayed, posted, transmitted, sold, or made into derivative works in any form or by any means, including, but not limited to, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of The Ixchel System Training® and Get Into Your Body Therapy® or the respective copyright owner. You may not, without the express written permission of The Ixchel System Training® and Get Into Your Body Therapy® or the respective copyright owner, (a) copy, publish, or post any materials on any computer network or broadcast or publications media; (b) modify the materials; or (c) remove or alter any copyright or other proprietary notices contained in the materials. You also may not (a) sell, resell, or make commercial use of the Site, its content, or services or products obtained through the Site; (b) collect and use of any product listings or descriptions; (c) make derivative uses of the Site or its Content; or (d) use of any data mining, robots, or similar data gathering and extraction methods. You are not conveyed any right or license by implication, estoppel, or otherwise in or under any patent, trademark, copyright, or other proprietary rights of l System Training® and Get Into Your Body Therapy® or any third party.  

Please note our CPD courses are available for purchase by practicing therapists and qualified bodyworkers and our Get Into Your Body Therapy is also for access by the general public These materials are not for access by other training providers unless they have trained with The Ixchel System®. If you love what we do and are interested in collaborating then TALK to us. We are always happy to have a conversation with other training providers. However, the vast amount of original content and detailed training offered through this website is the result of over 20 years of our dedication and hard work and is protected as such.. We ask that you respect this by not sharing passwords or anything from your materials with others in any capacity as this would constitute copyright theft and will result in legal action. 

Our online portal includes a standard anti-fraud risk assessment for all new accounts. Please be aware that there will be a delay in the delivery of your first purchase of materials whilst we undertake such checks for the reasons stated above before authorizing delivery of your content. 

We reserve the right to cancel the delivery of any course materials, whilst issuing a full refund at our sole discretion, should these routine checks flag up any contraventions of these terms,  

 Trademarks: Together with other logos and product names described on this Site, the following are trademarks or registered trademarks of The Ixchel System Training® and Get Into Your Body Therapy® in the United Kingdom and other countries: The Ixchel System Training® and Get Into Your Body Therapy® and Ixchel Therapies®  These trademarks may not be copied, imitated, or used, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of The Ixchel System Training® and Get Into Your Body Therapy® or the rights holder. In addition, all page headers, custom graphics, button icons, and scripts are service marks, trademarks and/or trade dress of The Ixchel System Training® and Get Into Your Body Therapy® and may not be copied, imitated, or used, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of The Ixchel System® and Get Into Your Body Therapy® Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. 

 No promise or claim is made to any potential results from the information contained in this site or any programme purchased from this site. 

ACCURACY, COMPLETENESS AND TIMELINESS OF INFORMATION We are not responsible if information made available on this site is not accurate, complete or current. The material on this site is provided for general information only and should not be relied upon or used as the sole basis for making decisions without consulting primary, more accurate, more complete or more timely sources of information. Any reliance on the material on this site is at your own risk. This site may contain certain historical information. Historical information, necessarily, is not current and is provided for your reference only. We reserve the right to modify the contents of this site at any time, but we have no obligation to update any information on our site. You agree that it is your responsibility to monitor changes to our site. 

International Users 


This Site is controlled, operated, and administered by The Ixchel System® and Get Into Your Body Therapy® from its offices within the United Kingdom. The Ixchel System Training® and Get Into Your Body Therapy® makes no representation that materials on the Site are appropriate or available for use at other locations outside of the United Kingdom and access to them from territories where the contents or products available through the Site are illegal is prohibited. You may not use the Site or export the content or products in violation of U.K. export laws and regulations. If you access this Site from a location outside of the United Kingdom, you are responsible for compliance with all local laws. 


Notwithstanding any of these Terms and Conditions, The Ixchel System® reserves the right, without notice and in its sole discretion, for any reason or no reason, to terminate your ability to use the Site and to block or prevent future access to and use of the Site. You agree that The Ixchel System® and Ixchel Therapies shall not be liable for any termination of your use of or access to the Site. 


In the event that any provision of these Terms of Service is determined to be unlawful, void or unenforceable, such provision shall nonetheless be enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, and the unenforceable portion shall be deemed to be severed from these Terms of Service, such determination shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any other remaining provisions. 

Your individual learning needs 

Please note the venue for your course, which may be subject to change. Should this become necessary we will endeavour to notify you as soon as possible. We will secure a venue as close as possible to the original. If so please be aware of this when booking accommodation etc 

If you have any specific learning needs PLEASE let us know. This might include for example: 

Visual impairment: We can provide large print manuals and ensure you are seated where you can see presentations and demonstrations clearly 

Hearing impairment: Again we will sat you nearby so you can see clearly to lip read or where we can reduce background noise. 

Physical or mental health problems: 

Many of our students have learning difficulties such as dyslexia yet manage very well with the level of support we are able to provide. We want to help you to enjoy your course and learning as well as anyone, so please do not hesitate to ask! 


NB; You may download this page by exporting as a pdf in your browser