Ixchel DNA Pain Relief System
art by Imke koepff

11 Week Course including a workbook and audio practice for each weekly module

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Each week there will be an audio recording of the Module for the week.  This will make it easy for you to listen on your phone, anytime or anywhere.

The modules will help you get in touch with and release stuck pain or unconscious cellular memories you have in relation to:

  • Disturbing experiences you have had in the past
  • Difficult relationship issues past and present
  • A challenge letting go of specific emotion such as anger or fear
  • Ruminating on a particular area of your life
  • An addiction that feels unmanageable
  • Inherited patterns and characteristics that create recurring familial distress
  • Inability to establish healthy boundaries
  • Lack of spiritual connection with the source that created you 
  • Other reasons why you might want to use this method:
  • As an opportunity to understand more about your emotional well-being
  • To free emotional or physical blocks that hold you back
  • Improve your connection to your inner self

What is included in the Ixchel DNA Pain Relief System?

There will be some written materials, however the main exercises with be your audio module.  You will receive a new audio module each week.