5 Ways To Stay Healthy This Christmas

How to get vitamin c at christmas

1. Vitamin C – all day every day is the key.  


It’s vital you get enough vitamin C in your diet?  It’s full of anti-oxidants that stop your body from rusting.  For example, when lemon juice is put on a fruit salad it stops it from going brown, well this is how vitamin C works inside your body. 

If you are eating lots of sugar or drinking festively, then dosing up your vitamin C is key. 

Also remember, that if you cook it, vitamin c will lose its potency.  So raw is best! 

Here are some top Vit C foods to get you started. 

Satsumas, Oranges, Red Peppers, Tomato Juice, Hot Green Chilli Peppers and Strawberries 

2. Vitamin D – less sun means you absorb less D 

Finding a good Vitamin D supplement is essential, as you can’t make it in your body. 

Calcium and magnesium need vitamin D to absorb into your body, as well as ‘d’ supporting other body functions.  Find yourself a good one and it will help to protect you from picking up germs, as well as strengthen your immune system. 

3. Get out your Nut Cracker 

Nuts are a great source of protein and are full of unsaturated (healthy) fats.  You need fats for energy, and protein to help rebuild every part of your body. 

Eat different ones.  Almonds are alkaline and also full of calcium, so they are great to grab when you are out an on-the-go.  However, sitting down and cracking open a few Brazil’s will give you selenium, or eating a few cashews magnesium, whilst walnuts will give you plenty of omega 3’s.  

Checking out your capacity to absorb nutrients, is essential.  If you are feeling lacking in energy, then you can get in touch for a remote Systematic Kinesiology Session. 

Good fats boost rather than bash your immune system

4. What Hangover Cures Work – Vitamin B’s? 

As well as anti-oxidants, Vitamin B is important for your immune system and mental health.  Nutritional yeast sprinkled on your food will be perfect.  It will help your body process your festive tipples from the night before. 

5.  Zinc for stamina 

Zinc is essential for putting the power back into your body.  Foods like tofu, lentils or lots of seeds, will keep boosting you.  Baked Beans are a great way of getting zinc into your kids, to balance out all the sweets and chocolates! 

When clients come for Systematic Kinesiology, we always muscle test to see what their levels of vitamins and minerals are.  Sometimes when low, they need to take a therapeutic dose. Kinesiology

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