What is the
The Ixchel System?

The Ixchel System is a series of courses and workshops designed to bring health and pain relief to all systems of your body.

The Ixchel System gives you the power to break free from chronic pain by teaching you to understand and rebalance:

Our courses all connect and integrate with each other, creating a streamlined approach bringing lasting pain relief, sustainable wellness and functional, ongoing emotional and physical health.

The Story of The Ixchel System

Victoria Jahkeline Salomon
Founder, Ixchel Therapies

The Ixchel System was created as a result of Victoria’s own recovery journey as well as her 25 years of working one-to-one with clients and with groups.

Victoria has a huge spectrum of experience in successfully resolving emotional and physical pain or long-term stress and health challenges and her learning has been motivated by her own personal journey through chronic illness, pain, and inherited trauma including navigating the mental and physical health challenges of auto-immune disorder Coeliac Disease.

Nurturing you to be curious about your body

Perhaps you've been told you have a tilted pelvis? Or that your shoulders are out of alignment? If so, just as you might go to a doctor for pills to get rid of pain, you want a qualified therapist to realign your imbalance.

There are many treatments out there which are essential to supporting recovery. However, being dependent on another person to relieve your pain can be costly, time-consuming and ultimately disempowering.

You are responsible for your body and you need to learn how to move it safely and reduce trauma and stress.

learn exactly how to help your brain find the correct neutral and polar points of mobility and emotional stability. You are extraordinary, and your body is just waiting to be reminded about what it can do.

When you feel like you've tried everything to get rid of pain...

Often, people are at rock bottom when they find Victoria. They feel like they've tried everything, they've spent hundreds or even thousands on treatments that don't work and they're sick and tired of being sick and tired.

The first thing Victoria will do is observe the way you walk – the way your feet connect with the ground and the rest of your body holds itself.

Usually, we'll request a slo-mo video of you walking before your first online or in-person appointment. Expect to be surprised by how much your walk reveals about you – even before you share your health history!

We've helped hundreds of people become pain-free


Often, we use our brain’s power to move us away from a point of pain, rather than towards it to release the cause.

Our job is to help you and your body learn the right skills to release your pain without it getting worse.

Do you understand what happens when you are stressed and your nervous system automatically enters a fight or flight, or life threat response? Your digestion shuts down, muscles contract, joints misalign, and hormones go haywire.

We don't just focus on your joints and muscles, The Ixchel System looks at your nutrition too. In order to heal, need to know about what you put into your body and what you can actually absorb.

In many cases, at the beginning of your journey we'll need to check your gut is absorbing vital nutrients and creating the sustenance you need to nourish you on your recovery.

digestion is where your health starts

Victoria is Coeliac, and she learned the hard way that digestion is where your health starts. No part of your body or mind can heal if your body is unable to absorb nutrients.

It doesn't matter how well you eat, if your nervous system and digestive system aren't working correctly, then vital fuel and nutrients aren't being absorbed.

To create emotional or physical pain relief your body MUST have the energy to do it. If your gut lining is not in good condition, this isn't easy.

The Ixchel System looks at how collapsed posture and misaligned gait inhibits your digestive system from having the space and circulation it needs to function.

Discover the power of The Ixchel System

One to One

Hands-on sessions to free up your body and relieve pain at our clinic in Brighton, UK

Online Courses

Work through the system at your own pace to improve your health and reduce your pain.

Live Workshops

Learn the Get Into Your Body Methodology to realign posture and reduce pain.

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