Workplace Wellbeing

We support businesses to enhance team performance through neurological and biomechanical regulation.

2.5 million people are currently out of work due to illness. Individuals in large organisations are facing unprecedented pressure, often resulting in chronic mental or physical pain.

Whether it’s work environment or what’s going on in the world, high levels of stress and tension impact different people in different ways.

A person might think they're doing fine until one more conflict makes them hit the floor, leaving the team behind. What's more, when we're under stress, we have a narrow focus and don’t see possibility.

We work with employers and teams to increase knowledge of the body and teach practices to prevent and reduce chronic pain and stress – providing holistic stability that reduces sickness and improves organisational performance.


We believe business leaders can align their organisation into greatness through well-being solutions – and we know that organisations like yours are more ready and willing to transform than ever before.

True transformation happens when we realign our internal environment to transform our external environment. And that's how your organisation can lead the way for improved employee wellness, engagement, productivity and creativity – and, ultimately, happy souls and healthy people.

Our solutions, passion, and experience motivate and guide individuals, teams, and organisations through genuinely transformational and sustainable change.

Empower Your Employees

We'll work with you to empower your employees to find balance and avoid breakdown and burnout.

Our innovative, holistic approach addresses the sources of stress, low morale and poor productivity to create thriving organisations of resilient people who can succeed no matter what they might face.

Combining neuroscience, autonomic nervous system regulation and biomechanics, we work to address the sources of chronic pain and sickness, regulating the body into wellness and performance.

Instead of treating symptoms, we treat the sources of each individual's emotional and physical pain to provide holistic stability which not only improves their quality of life, it improves performance too.

How we work with organisations


Bespoke full day training for entire team introducing them to the fundamentals of The Ixchel System.

Online Learning

Online learning platform for people to work through the system at their own pace, with support from us


Follow up coaching empowering individuals to align and powerfully transform mind and body.

Ongoing Practice

Ongoing practice creates focus and clarity to combat breakdown and overwhelm.

How we've helped employers like you

our happy, healthy CLIENTS


In most employee wellbeing programmes, there is a disconnect between physical and mental health.

Life impacts our physical bodies and their capacity to perform, therefore realigning our bodies can have a huge – and sometimes instantaneous – impact on our mental state.

The Ixchel System is the bridge between emotional and physical health for your employees.

Our methodology is most effective when you have a fully trained practitioner regularly checking in with your teams and reminding them of the key parts of the methodology.

For larger organisations, we can provide accredited practitioner training for the people responsible for employee wellbeing.


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