Trigger Point Therapy for Back Pain

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About Me


Who am I?

My name is Victoria Jahkeline Salomon a fully qualified and insured clinical massage, sports massage and medical acupuncture specialist. I provide a holistic approach to facilitate chronic pain relief, recovery and rehabilitation from injury, and improving overall energy, mood and general well being. Based in Brighton & Hove, with 20 years’ experience of massage therapy, I ensure each treatment is unique to the individual’s condition and specific requirements.  In the last couple of years I  trained with Gary Ward and now incorporate Gait Analysis and Anatomy In Motion (AIM) whilst working with clients.  More recently I have also been using Theta Healing to help recognize the belief systems that create movement patterns in posture, and consequently create specific pain conditions. 

Orthopaedic Assessment for back pain

Who Do I Treat?

I treat people of all ages and backgrounds with amazing long term results and am dedicated to help them improve their quality of life. From techniques including Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Medical Acupuncture, Hot Stone Fusion, Reflexology and Kinesiology, I look forward to making you feel better!   I am also an advocate for making sure nutrition is at its optimum level in your body as without this the body does not have the fuel to repair itself. 


Who Benefits From My Treatment?

If you are going through a transition in your life whether it be due to grief, relationship breakup or simply shifting through change in your body with something like menopause or pregnancy, your body will be speaking to you through possible messages of pain or lack of energy.  I am specialised in guiding you through this transition to get the optimum health from your body and a fulfilled happy life. 

Meet Blue

Meet Blue Our Therapy Dog

This is Blue and he is able to add his own special touch to some of the treatments at Ixchel Therapies.  He is especially good for Adults with Learning Disabilities and Children.  However, when Clients are going through emotional difficulties or traumatic times Blue is also available to add his unique doggy healing paws to help you feel better.