The Ixchel System®

Break Free from your chronic Pain

The Ixchel System is a series of practices designed to rebalance your posture, nervous system and digestive system to give you life-long freedom from chronic pain.

Designed to bring health and pain relief to all systems of the body, The Ixchel System can be delivered one-to-one or as group workshops, face-to-face or online.

What makes The Ixchel System Different?

The Ixchel System (pronounced ICK-SHEL) is named after the Mayan Goddess
Ixchel, who was known as the medicine woman in her local community.

Most pain treatments
are disempowering

While visiting a practitioner such as a chiropractor or physio can ease or relieve your pain, continually needing to rely on another person to ‘fix’ your pain can be costly, time-consuming and disempowering.

Our goal is to free you from chronic pain.

Millions of people suffer from chronic pain. If you have fibromyalgia, ME, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, chronic back or neck pain, migraines or IBS then you've likely spent years going backwards and forwards between specialists – and yet you're still in pain.

take our free 7-day
pain fix programme

Discover what your body is made for.

The Ixchel System isn't a treatment plan or exercise regime. You'll reconnect
with what your body is made for and change the way you move forever.

to heal yourself

Our goal is to teach you exactly how to safely move your body to reduce pain, stress and anxiety – in everything you do. As well as reducing chronic pain, when you find stability in your body, you find stability in your emotions too.

We've helped hundreds of people become pain-free

Discover the power of The Ixchel System

One to One

Hands-on sessions to free up your body and relieve pain at our clinic in Brighton, UK

Online Courses

Work through the system at your own pace to improve your health and reduce your pain.

Live Workshops

Learn the Get Into Your Body Methodology to realign posture and reduce pain.

Small movements, big shifts

Our 7-Day Pain Fix Challenge gives you a simple technique to practice for 10 minutes per day which will drastically reduce your pain in just 7 days.

discover the power of
the ixchel system for yourself

Meet Our Founder.

Victoria Jahkeline Salomon is an experienced practitioner of Systematic Kinesiology, Biomechanics and Clinical Massage who understands that what you experience and how you use your body affects chronic pain​ and illness.

“Using my own life experiences of recovering from pain and trauma, I have created The Ixchel System so that I can help you enjoy the freedom of an energised and happy life.”

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