The Science of Happiness

The Science of Happiness 

Understand the scientific basis of happiness. This session provides simple tools and strategies to boost happiness and emotional wellbeing. 

“What is Happiness?” is the million dollar question in the history of humanity. 

Happiness is a topic that philosophers and wise people have talked about for over 2500 years. Psychologists have also tried to give us some answers, but their ideas are based on people’s opinions about what happiness is.  

Science has been studying happiness for about 20 years, and they have made some really revolutionary discoveries.  

What we think will make us happy usually doesn’t make us very happy.  

We can become happier by practicing easy activities every day, no matter what is going on in our life.  

In this workshop, we will learn what happiness is according to science. We will also look at the barriers to happiness in the 21st century. Finally, we will learn simple tools and strategies to boost our happiness and emotional wellbeing.  

Employees who are happy are more likely to be productive. They work better as part of a team, they can negotiate better, and they are also more creative. This means that they can perform better when under stress.  

People who attend this workshop will feel more energetic and will understand what happiness is from a scientific perspective. They will also have a set of tools to boost their emotional wellbeing and be more optimistic. This will help them create the life they want.  


Key Outputs 


provides participants with practical strategies to improve their happiness and wellbeing. 

Creates feelings of happiness and wellbeing 

provides an understanding of the scientific evidence related to happiness.  

Promotes shared connection between the group