Get Into Your Body, 12.30 Friday 20th May – 27th June 2022**

Do you want to ease pain, relieve pressure in your body, or perform better physically? Explore your potential to restore balance and optimum movement in your feet, back, shoulders or any other part of your body?    We are going to look at the whole picture of your movement and teach you how! 


Full Course of Live Workshops (including online course practices)

£299 or £250 if included with one to one package

Or start self-learning immediately with the onine modules

The online course includes Audio, Video and Written Transcript of each practice

20th May  Workshop 1  –  The Body & Foot Pressure

27th May Workshop 2 – Mobilising the Hips & Pelvis 

3rd June Workshop 3 – Spine Alignment

10th June Workshop 4 – Rib Cage Release

17th June Workshop 5 -Shoulder Blade and Shoulder Joint


20th June Workshop 6 – Neck Open/Shut

1st July Workshop 7 – Jaw & Breath Integrated

The Live Workshops include the Online Get Into Your Body Course

Join the next course of Get Into Your Body Workshops.  Now taking place online;  it’s an exciting opportunity to learn as a group from your own home.  There will be a maximum of 6 participants.  I have been running sessions one-one online and doing FaceBook Lives and it has proved to be a fantastic medium for teaching people.

As well as the movement I will be taking you through some of the theories of the Biomechanics of your body, so you begin to understand the basis of biomechanical assessment and how your centre of mass has the power to hinder or heal your movement and balance.

I want you to learn and begin to piece together exactly how pain conditions build up, and give you the keys to release habitual movement patterns that potentially damage your body, or simply hinder your performance in sports or other daily activities.

You will also have access to The Ixchel System Online Platform with:

– Pdf and audio instructions for each practice in Get Into Your Body Level 1.

– Self-Assessment Downloads, so you can record exactly what your body is doing, and how this transforms during the course! 

Although I will be able to offer some feedback to each participant via the Zoom Class, I will also be offering one-to-one sessions for participants who want to have a specific focus on their own process.  Please get in touch with any questions

Workshop 1 – The Body & Foot Pressure

A unique opportunity to look at the biomechanics of your body. and how this shows up in your foot arches.

We will visit joint movements and rules of gravity that either limit movement and restrict your muscles.  Relieving or compounding pressure in your back and feet.

Wherever you have a pain challenge or lack of mobility the principle of movement throughout your body remains the same.  In this class Learn how to correct your balance and bring yourself back to the center!

Workshop 2 – Mobilising the Hips & Pelvis

 A unique walk through the movements of your Hips and Pelvis.  Let’s reveal what is stuck and get it moving.

Learn how to realign your Pelvis and use your body weight to release pressure on your hips rather than create it.  Back and Forwards, Side to side, rotating!  If your Pelvis doesn’t move well, the muscles above and below will be stuck and miserable. Learn how to activate your Glutes, Hamstrings, and Quads just by ‘3 Dimensionally’ mobilizing your Hips and Pelvis!

Workshop 3 – Spinal Alignment

A unique approach to check in with the alignment of your spine and Rib Cage.

It’s time to get your Rib Cage Aligned with your Pelvis.  To do this we work from your hips and legs, bringing your upper body into alignment so that your feet are finally able to evenly balance much of the weight of your Upper Body.

Workshop 4 – Rib Cage Release

In this class as you begin to understand how to move your Rib Cage through 3 plains and self-assess different Ranges of Movement.

You may be able to identify how you barely inhabit this part of your body.  We will use the Breath, Arms, and Spine to remind your Chest to let go! 

Workshop 5 – Shoulders & Arms Unwound

In this fascinating workshop, we will dismantle the shoulders so that you understand the specific movement of your Shoulder Blades and how they can move independently of your Upper Arm Shoulder Joints.

This workshop creates a profound shift for your upper body.  Giving you the power to finally release tension and stuck muscles that have simply forgotten what is possible for your body! 

Workshop 6 – Neck Open/Shut

Using the Clock Face and Plains of Movement we will begin to explore how your neck and your chest or rib cage, often move as one unit.

We will start to help you move them separately and feel the release and space this creates for your neck, upper back, and shoulders.  Experience Stretches that you have never accessed before, by opening and closing spaces in your upper body! 

Workshop 7 – Integrating the Jaw & Breath with your Body

This final Workshop allows you to understand the impact of your Jaw Closed Tight rather than Open and Relaxed on the Rib Cage, Pelvis, Hips, and Feet.

Also looking at the Breath, we put everything together to get your  Body connected to your Gait Internally as well as Structurally.