How I Can Help You

First, I want to welcome you to Ixchel Therapies and The Ixchel System.  My vocation is is one of devotion to getting you healthy and to relieve or reduce your pain!  

I have over 25 years of skills and a range of qualifications, that allow me to assess and connect with your physical and emotional body. This allows me to guidance to uncover  physical and emotional patterns that are keeping you in illness or pain.  

If you are in pain right now, let’s get you on the right path immediately.

The 3 R’s of healing- Realign, Reprogram, Restore

I help you realign your biomechanics (the way your body moves) with Gait Analysis.  Immediately easing the pressure from tension that wakes you at night or stops you working, exercising or functioning in any area of your life.

I help you reprogram the movement of your feet, back, or any part of your body, to reintroduce support and lightness in your life.

We restore ease to your body, to create the relief you long for, so you bounce out of bed and enjoy the health you 100% deserve!

Nutritional Assessment using Systematic Kinesiology I will also be able to assess nutritional deficiency and intolerances.  Your body is dependent on good nourishment to heal so we need to resolve anything that hinders this for you.

If you are local to my Brighton and Hove Clinic, I will also be able to use hands-on Clinical Massage and Systematic Kinesiology to support your treatment.