A quick check-in to reflect on what could be hindering your movement

Welcome back!

Have you noticed by now that some parts of your body are easy to connect with, while other parts seem to have no sensation, or you barely have the capacity to move that area in a particular plane of movement?  

I want you to reflect on this is, as it is essential information for you.  Once you have this information, we can begin to investigate why you feel so dissociated from this area.

What is the key to reconnecting with this part of your body?

Sometimes it is simply looking at yourself in a mirror and accurately aligning your movement while watching yourself. Or it could be, that due to a physical injury, you actually need more professional help to release a restriction in your joints, to help release and strengthen the area.

However, there is also another profound aspect that relates to emotional and behavioral patterns that can be stuck in your posture. This can either lead to your body being stuck in one movement pattern or a certain area of your body simply feeling flaccid, numb, or inaccessible to you.

An example of this is, someone who is grieving could be stuck with a collapsed rib cage, because of the weight of the sadness they are holding, and the inability to connect the emotional holding and shut down, to the physical weight of carrying and holding this in your body.

Or it could be an aftershock from an abusive relationship, where the area between your shoulders or somewhere else in your body, has literally contracted with fear, and then your body has forgotten how to relax and feel safe.  This becomes unconscious holding, and it is very difficult for people to even begin to understand how that emotional shock or interaction becomes cemented into bad posture.

You may already be noticing and experiencing the following;

*You want to zone out when it comes to working with a particular part of your body

*You become irritable and agitated for no reason when you try to move a particular area

*You want to just give up, think the process is pointless, and get easily distracted when focusing on a particular area

Well, Before we move on, if you have noticed this, then I want to reach out to you and tell you that these are very big messages, that this area is essential for you to be patient with, but get present with.

How do you get a present?

If you are aware of an area that will not move, or you are struggling with, then it’s a good idea to get down on the ground and simply support, align your body and breath. Use the 10 Minute Fix lying down practice, to give yourself the time and space to do this.

You need to connect, bring oxygen, attention and intention.

If it is emotional holding, then the Get Into Your Body Practice will be giving you the alignment and supportive internal structure you need to be able to safely move this stuck emotion.  

By using the Tripod in your feet and knowing you can bring yourself back into your feet, you will be able to ‘keep a foot in both worlds’, one in the physical and one in the emotional realm of your experience.   This way it is possible to start to move the trapped energy that is keeping you numb, immobile, or in pain.

You could also look at The Ixchel DNA Pain Relief System and use a relevant module from this energy release course to help you to connect with the source of trauma that is triggering pain or disconnect and reestablish a relationship with this area of your body.