Calming Down Your Body & Mind Audio

“This isn’t a metaphor it’s a recipe for what has to happen physically.  There is physics to spirituality.  The physics of being awake.  The mind needs to be united with the body, which needs to be united with the heart to attend to this moment, which is the vehicle for presence’

This is what is required for the world and the worlds healing.  Although none of us is responsible for the healing of the world, ancient sages tell us none of us is free from trying.  (Babyloniain Talmuch, Avot 2.21)

Another headline, another news flash, do you get a sense that you can’t quite control how you are feeling?  A slight nervousness and disconnect from your body right now?  It’s harder to focus, or get enjoyment from what is happening in the present moment, more reactive, powerlessness, hopelessness, and the snowballing impact of witnessing darkness that makes you want to deny what is real.

When the world seems to have gone mad, and personalities and agendas don’t make sense, our nervous system can take a battering.

If you relate to any of the above, then I hope this practice will help you to come back to a calm and connected place within. It will give your mind enough to focus on and keep it busy, connecting with your internal reality. It will move you back into your body and give you a sense of safety, and the ability to think coherently. 

We need to be a stand for our serenity and our capacity to think clearly.  Our sensible thinking is the first thing to go off-grid when trauma abounds.  We react and become defensive and protective.  

I know this, I struggle with this, I withdraw and then have to encourage myself to come back to center.

I hope this will help you, the way it helps me.

As ever I teach and create what I need to learn and apply for my own wellbeing.

Love and Light, Victoria xxx