How to assess the movement of your feet (FP)

10 Considerations

Over the years I have been privileged to learn from teachers who have always inspired me to understand the inner workings of my body, Chris Sritharan, Gary Ward, the Jing Institute, all taught me to keep assessing.

Assessment becomes treatment in itself because as you begin to move your body to assess it, you immediately start to learn and experience yourself in a different way.  You will begin to understand how if something is stuck, it may make more sense than you have pain in that area or an area that is connected to it.  

So I encourage you to have curiosity within the process of your self-inquiry and self-assessment, and I am sharing some of the questions that have helped me, for you to use.

In Get Into Your Body Level l – We Want To Consider The Following……….

1.  What should that structure (eg foot, pelvis) be able to do?

2. What does it do?

3.  What do I need to restore?

4. How do I go about restoring movement that is not available?

5.  When do I need that movement to happen?

6. What is particularly important about that movement for my body?

7. Do I know what that movement looks like?

8.  Do I know what that movement feels like?

9.  How do I work with this?

10.  How am I going to measure my results?