Practice 16 – Finding Your Hip Flexors

Finding the Hip Flexors

Your hip flexor area which you see below is where the psoas muscle comes through your Pelvic Bowl and attaches to the inside of the top of your thigh bones (Femurs).  

This is the area of the Groin, you will connect with this area in this Practice to feel the lower attachment point of your hip flexor compress against your thigh.  The upper attachment point of your psoas muscle is at the bottom of your rib cage.

The psoas muscle attaches to your lumbar vertebrae, which is the area between your ribcage and your pelvis.

So much back pain is due to this muscle being very tight or even squashed and unable to release, due to too much sitting, or bending down and twisting at the same time.

The Hip Flexors look like this………

If you find this difficult, then please have a look at the bonus video material for Practice 16 in the next lesson, to help you see visually what you need to do!

How to feel the movement of your hip flexors

1.  Sit on a firm chair with your knees at 90 degrees, hip-width apart and feet flat on the floor

2. Place your fingers over the bony points at the bottom of the front of your pelvis.  These points are above the middle of your thigh

3. Fold your spine forwards so you are looking at the floor, with your fingers pushing into your groin, in between the bottom of your pelvis and your thigh

4. You want to feel the bony points at the bottom of your pelvis, crushing your fingers, as your pelvis folds on top of your thighs

5. Repeat this 2-3 times so that you get a clear sensation in your body, of the hip flexor attachment points where your pelvis connects to your thighs on the inside of your hips