Practice 18 – The Spine and Pelvis in Sagittal Plane

Spine and Pelvis in Sagittal Plane

Checking the difference in Anterior and Posterior Tilt with Engaged Hip Flexors

Revisit what you did in Practice 10 with your Sagittal Plane Pelvic Tilts.  However, this time you want to do it with your focus on having your hip flexors engaged and your spine and rib cage above your pelvis, rather than possibly collapsing and softening at the hip flexor connection and leaning forwards.

1. Align your spine and engage your hip flexors

2. Now gently move your pelvis into anterior and posterior tilt

3. Do you notice it is a much smaller movement?

4. How is the experience of moving into an anterior tilt when you focus on engaging your hip flexors? You will feel the hip flexors soften slightly, but can you still feel the strength of the movement coming from the area around the groin?

5. How is the experience of the posterior tilt, can you feel a much smaller but stronger movement than you did in Practice 10?  Can you notice how it is no longer the lower back and lumbar curve area doing all the movement of the tilts? Instead, the hip flexors and spine support the upper body, without your centre of mass collapsing into your lumbar vertebrae