Practice 20 – Alignment of the Hip Flexors in Propulsion Leg

Aligning the Support of your Hip Flexors in Propulsion Leg

You will now revisit Practice 6 and 13, however, you are going to bring your attention to the area of your groin and the sensation of where your hip flexors attach.

1.  Bend your front knee, keeping your spine aligned above your body, and your front leg hip flexor engaged

2.  Sit into your front leg, keeping your knee moving forward in the corridor of the foot in line the the 2nd toe at 12 O’Clock

3.  Do not let the knee go further forward than the 2nd toe, or you will feel the heel want to come off the ground and lose your tripod

4.  Keep your spine upright and supported by your hip flexor which may feel about 50% engaged in the flexed front leg

5.  Remember what the Corridor of the foot means – Imagine you put a pen on either side of the foot when it is placed on the ground, facing 12 O’Clock, it is the space between the pens!

6.  If the knee collapses over the inside of edge of your front foot you will notice in your groin that support for your upper body collapses

7.  If the knee goes over the outside edge of your front foot, you will notice how unstable you feel and the inside of the heel will want to leave the ground

8.  Now repeat the above process by bringing your opposite leg forward

9.  Notice whether it is a different experience to the other leg.  Is it easier or harder to flow through the motion and feel the hip flexor engaging?