Practice 22 – Rib Cage in Sagittal Plane

Rib Cage in Sagittal Plane

In this practice, you want to feel into the movement of your Ribcage as it rises and sinks.

1. Stand in front of a mirror and put your hands on the front of your chest

2. Make sure your feet, pelvis and spine are in good alignment with the tripods of your feet connected well on the ground

3. Have the intention of lifting the front of your rib cage upwards.  This is a posterior tilt of your rib cage.

4. If this feels difficult then focus on your in-breath as it fills up your lungs and see if you can feel how the rib cage naturally rises up with this.  Then allow the movement to become a little bigger.

5.  The slower you take the in-breath, the more easily you will be able to connect with the movement of your muscles

6. Now focus on what happens with your out-breath as your rib cage sinks down.  As your rib cage softens, allow your spine to soften and flex, but keep your eyes on the horizon so that your rib cage moves away from your head, rather than your head and ribcage moving together, with your head lunging forwards.

7. Is it more natural for your head to want to move with your ribcage?

8. Now practice these movements together, moving from a posterior tilt of the ribcage back to neutral.  Can you naturally move through this plane of movement, or do you feel stuck at the base of your ribcage?